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kolaente d7f3c653f9
Remove unused tools from tools.go 2021-03-28 17:24:56 +02:00
kolaente c4a71016b8
Update copyright year 2021-02-02 20:19:13 +01:00
kolaente 9baf6d39bd
Change license to AGPLv3 2020-12-23 16:41:52 +01:00
konrad d359130bcf Switch to mage (#651)
Add comment about magefile compile

Switch make to mage commands in drone

Fix misspell

Update docs

Add general release command

Add reprepro command

Make sure the filename contains the proper version

Add deb package building

Add zip command

Preserve file permissions when copying files

Fix release:os-package

Make sure to not create checksums of directories


Only compress what upx is able to compress

Add check command

Add release:os-package command

Add copy command

Add comments

Add compress step

Move releasing binaries to a more general function and add ones of linux + darwin

Add release:windows command

Add release:dir command

Add namespaces for commands


Add command to run all checks at once

Add goconst-check

Add gosec-check

Add static-check

Add gocyclo-check

Add ineffasign-check

Add misspell-check

Add command to check for swagger docs regeneration

Add comments

Add command to generate swagger docs


Add check for installing golint before running it

Add fmt check command

Add fmt command

Use runAndStreamOutput everywhere

Add aliases and comments

Add todo


Add test coverage command

Co-authored-by: kolaente <>
Reviewed-on: vikunja/api#651
2020-09-03 15:13:19 +00:00
kolaente 1f99238019
Update copyright header 2020-02-07 17:27:45 +01:00
konrad a0c5e4e985 Update copyright year (#118) 2020-01-09 17:33:22 +00:00
konrad 402cef3c15 Add option to disable registration (#117) 2019-12-30 23:27:02 +00:00
shilch e890001ee1 Consistent copyright text in file headers (#112) 2019-12-04 19:39:56 +00:00
konrad 50ca8bd28e Statically compile templates in the final binary (#84) 2019-07-11 19:10:42 +00:00
kolaente 10f80c190b
Switched to techknowlogick/xgo 2019-04-22 14:02:18 +02:00
konrad 2d88fad5b1 Huge improvements for docs (#58) 2019-02-17 19:53:04 +00:00
konrad 607dbd6ae8 API Docs improvements (#46) 2019-01-03 22:22:06 +00:00
konrad 018dd8164c [CI] Add more checks (#43) 2018-12-28 22:15:05 +00:00
konrad 777d63dff1 More unit tests (#34) 2018-12-16 13:21:32 +00:00
konrad 3f44e3b83e Change License to GPLv3 (#26) 2018-11-26 20:17:33 +00:00
konrad 373bbd2202 Migrate to new swagger docs generation (#18) 2018-11-12 15:46:35 +00:00
konrad 321c0f2404 Fix build when using go modules (#6) 2018-10-28 16:11:13 +00:00