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kolaente d4b82a4cc9
Add moving tasks between lists 2 years ago
konrad 99c10d49be TOTP (#109) 2 years ago
konrad a75670e4f0 Add user settings (#108) 2 years ago
kolaente 335ea49801
Upgrade vue-cli 2 years ago
kolaente e7c1c98c6a
Fix id params not being named correctly 2 years ago
kolaente 588b87fb96
Fix maintaining the current page for the list view when navigating back from another page 2 years ago
kolaente cc02fc82fc
Fix closing of notifications by clicking on it not working 2 years ago
kolaente bb84d03776
Remove debug logging 2 years ago
kolaente 7587821927
Move conversion of snake_case to camelCase to model to make recursive models still work 2 years ago
kolaente a77b4253cb
Fix task relation kind dropdown 2 years ago
kolaente e2137d08a5
Pluralize related task kinds if there is more than one 2 years ago
kolaente cd6dee88b9
Add scrolling for task table view 2 years ago
kolaente 575b2f28ef
Fix task sort parameters 2 years ago
renovate f552b834d6 Pin dependencies (#106) 2 years ago
konrad 4a413e7f3c Make all api fields snake_case (#105) 2 years ago
renovate de36296bac Update dependency bulma to v0.8.2 (#104) 2 years ago
renovate 43e464c113 Update dependency date-fns to v2.12.0 (#103) 2 years ago
renovate bd998469a1 Update dependency core-js to v3.6.5 (#102) 2 years ago
renovate 8b8543e011 Update dependency copy-to-clipboard to v3.3.1 (#100) 2 years ago
renovate 3141850fa2 Update dependency core-js to v3.6.4 (#101) 2 years ago
renovate e098f87a33 Update vue-cli monorepo to v4.3.1 (#99) 2 years ago
renovate d380488b32 Update dependency register-service-worker to v1.7.1 (#93) 2 years ago
konrad 1c734f15d1 Add telegram release notificiation (#98) 2 years ago
renovate 70059b4f9a Update dependency sass-loader to v8.0.2 (#94) 2 years ago
renovate 1f87191d3c Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v6.2.2 (#91) 2 years ago
renovate 8d1d71fa36 Update vue-cli monorepo to v4.3.0 (#97) 2 years ago
renovate 6aaea4927b Update dependency node-sass to v4.13.1 (#92) 2 years ago
renovate 7c6108ce08 Update dependency vue-router to v3.1.6 (#96) 2 years ago
renovate c2678b8dab Update dependency v-tooltip to v2.0.3 (#95) 2 years ago
renovate 46aa7ad3ac Update dependency eslint to v6.8.0 (#90) 2 years ago
renovate 641eeaf1c1 Update dependency bulma to v0.8.1 (#85) 2 years ago
renovate 128ce592ab Update dependency babel-eslint to v10.1.0 (#84) 2 years ago
renovate c352f47d01 Update dependency axios to v0.19.2 (#83) 2 years ago
konrad 16a0b52ebc Add github token for renovate (#89) 2 years ago
renovate 69ee52e182 Update dependency date-fns to v2.11.1 (#88) 2 years ago
renovate c7151f3ae9 Update Font Awesome (#82) 2 years ago
renovate 7c6438c50d Pin dependencies (#81) 2 years ago
renovate 7d41603ba6 Configure Renovate (#80) 2 years ago
kolaente ede990ed85
0.12 Release Preparations 2 years ago
kolaente 066cd63771
Schedule token renew every minute 2 years ago
konrad 8480bf334f Fix gantt chart (#79) 2 years ago
kolaente 27e2839f4c
Work around browsers preventing Vue bindings from working with autofill (Fixes #78) 2 years ago
konrad 724275e653 Table View for tasks (#76) 2 years ago
kolaente cc513b5274
Easymde preparations 2 years ago
kolaente 701a46ecd4
Fix updating a task with repeat after interval from list view (Fixes #75) 2 years ago
konrad cafb960c8d Colors for lists and namespaces (#74) 2 years ago
kolaente 51de1fe880
Enable marking tasks as done from the task overview 2 years ago
kolaente 87f74e3a4b
Pre/Suffix formatted dates with relative pronouns like "in [one day]" or "[two days] ago" 2 years ago
kolaente 3b18b83239
Add task search term to query param to enable navigation 2 years ago
kolaente f2fec2030e
Fix error notification still being shown on password reset pages despite no error 2 years ago