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Updated gitignore
2 年之前
frontend Improved Loading spinner 2 年之前
models fmt 2 年之前
routes Added check if the emailaddress is already used when creating a new user 2 年之前
systemd Updated Systemd Template 2 年之前
vendor Added libs 2 年之前
.drone.yml Started adding unit tests 2 年之前
.gitignore Updated gitignore 2 年之前
LICENSE Added License 2 年之前
Makefile Started adding unit tests 2 年之前 Updated version 2 年之前
config.ini.sample Added sqlite as database option 2 年之前
main.go Fixed lint suggestions 2 年之前


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An application to manage your library, books and authors.

API Docs:

Download the latest release: (master is up-to-date with the master branch and can contain bugs, if you want a stable version, choose a version from the list)