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Naleo Hyde 73dffced8d Update ShowTasks view to sort tasks by ascending 10 months ago
kolaente 53ea3c0eaf
Fix editor placeholder color 10 months ago
renovate 5fb003ed4c Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.3.0 (#404) 10 months ago
renovate 684fb49aad Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1 (#393) 10 months ago
renovate 36fa8cfc13 Update dependency date-fns to v2.17.0 (#403) 10 months ago
kolaente 09073e34c4
Make sure all arm64 build steps run in parallel 10 months ago
kolaente e756178797
Fix map_hash_max_size for docker images 10 months ago
kolaente 75a96c0b8d
Add arm64 builds 10 months ago
kolaente be92db49a9
Fix setting dates in safari 10 months ago
renovate f4cc230e62 Update dependency marked to v1.2.9 (#401) 10 months ago
renovate 966352a702 Update dependency faker to v5.3.1 (#400) 10 months ago
renovate 43e19eab57 Update dependency cypress to v6.4.0 (#399) 10 months ago
kolaente 467f866c9d
Fix resetting colors from the color picker 10 months ago
renovate a33ce3a5b6 Update dependency eslint to v7.19.0 (#398) 10 months ago
kolaente 7f5140bbb4
Play a sound when marking a task as done 10 months ago
kolaente 91a4a39527
Add button to un-archive a namespace 10 months ago
kolaente 46831e5132
Don't save the editor text when it is loaded 10 months ago
kolaente c49345c31b
Persist show archived state 10 months ago
kolaente 826d90c7eb
Cleanup font caching and requesting 10 months ago
konrad e0be77d88f Move list edit/namespace to separate pages and in a menu (#397) 10 months ago
adrinux 649714e8a9 Make the scrollbars a lighter grey (#394) 10 months ago
kolaente 4df33d1152
Fix attachment not being added if the task was not a kanban task 10 months ago
kolaente 23552b2b1b
Fix attachments being added mutliple times 10 months ago
kolaente c5da0fcba4
Change bucket background color 10 months ago
kolaente 6624568faf
Fix attachment hover 10 months ago
renovate 7049607b28 Update vue monorepo (#390) 10 months ago
renovate 3fd1b03472 Update dependency marked to v1.2.8 (#391) 10 months ago
renovate 69c14fc91e Update dependency bulma to v0.9.2 (#392) 10 months ago
kolaente 3659577b57
Fix text color 10 months ago
kolaente 30cb970deb
Fix button height 10 months ago
kolaente c041eab7a2
Fix login or register not working when pressing enter 10 months ago
renovate 63726ed59f Update dependency faker to v5.2.0 (#389) 11 months ago
renovate ea6b507df2 Update dependency vue-router to v3.5.0 (#388) 11 months ago
kolaente 9ef201c27c
Fix task id spacing 11 months ago
kolaente 06a160f26c
Fix defer due date popup 11 months ago
kolaente 769975b42b
Fix spacing for lists with no rights to add new tasks 11 months ago
konrad 8828426c91 Move all content to cards (#387) 11 months ago
kolaente e0d120da5d
Fix kanban height on mobile 11 months ago
kolaente 2ee2dffaa7
Make message undo button secondary 11 months ago
renovate 7e4c5f16e2 Update dependency cypress-file-upload to v5 (#379) 11 months ago
kolaente 850e4ecc15
Show list if the search result for a task belongs to a different list 11 months ago
kolaente 0d64506d73
Make sure all popups & dropdowns are animated 11 months ago
kolaente a4fb3e19be
Fix no color selected in the color picket 11 months ago
konrad d1a2eefca6 Improve consistency of the layout (#386) 11 months ago
renovate b2098d65fd Update vue monorepo to v4.5.11 (#385) 11 months ago
renovate 36f35391a3 Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.5.0 (#384) 11 months ago
kolaente eaec8c77d2
Fix flaky test part 2 11 months ago
kolaente d172d99b49
Fix flaky test 11 months ago
konrad ddadd89c64 Move all create views to better looking popups (#383) 11 months ago
kolaente 0d34d01689
Hide task elements while the task is loading 11 months ago