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  renovate 3a9360a57b Update golang.org/x/crypto commit hash to 948cd5f (#609) 3 days ago
  renovate dd3c4cd032 Update golang.org/x/crypto commit hash to ab33eee (#608) 5 days ago
  kolaente 2a4a622518
0.14.1 release preparations 6 days ago
  konrad 4db06ba9a1 Fix creating lists with non ascii characters (#607) 6 days ago
  kolaente 96f366f5e7
Add docs about using vikunja with utf-8 characters 6 days ago
  kolaente 78791f31a4
Fix parsing todoist reminder dates 1 week ago
  kolaente ec3fa9300b
Fix parsing todoist reminder dates 1 week ago
  kolaente 9fa7e30a0a
update theme 1 week ago
  jtojnar 158d98c2bd Makefile: make add EXTRA_GOFLAG to GOFLAGS (#605) 1 week ago
  kolaente ae12871bd7
Fix decoding active users from redis 1 week ago
  kolaente 7141050f8b
Make sure the metrics map accesses only happen explicitly 1 week ago
  kolaente 5d900fd40d
0.14.0 release preparations 1 week ago
  kolaente f57b7e989f
Fix updating the index when moving a task 1 week ago
  kolaente 556ccd68c1
Set the list identifier when creating a new task 1 week ago
  konrad 1181039249 Duplicate Lists (#603) 1 week ago
  kolaente 6da137cd4a
Remove go mod vendor todo from pr template now that we don't keep dependencies in the repo anymore 1 week ago
  kolaente 9750a23dbe
Make the db timezone migration mysql compatible 1 week ago
  kolaente 1c93aab7e0
Fix not loading timezones on all operating systems 1 week ago
  renovate 53c4637fb6 Update module spf13/afero to v1.3.1 (#602) 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 3b2289c8fa
Fix swagger docs 2 weeks ago
  renovate b55b21373c Update module swaggo/swag to v1.6.7 (#601) 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 53cfa99912
Remove vendored dependencies 2 weeks ago
  kolaente f30e720c7b
Update dependency github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3 to v1.14.0 2 weeks ago
  renovate 57c84f3adc Update module go-testfixtures/testfixtures/v3 to v3.3.0 (#600) 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 2820d92ab3
Expose namespace id when querying lists 2 weeks ago
  renovate 780a654f65 Update github.com/shurcooL/vfsgen commit hash to 92b8a71 (#599) 2 weeks ago
  konrad 08205008e7 Migrate all timestamps to real iso dates (#594) 2 weeks ago
  kolaente e17cac854a
Fix removing existing sqlite files 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 974d028e51
Fix sqlite db not working when creating a new one 2 weeks ago
  kolaente be11362533
Fix searching for unsplash pictures with words that contain a space 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 912abb3a10
Fix namespace title not being updated 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 0add1dce01
Add go version to version command 2 weeks ago
  renovate 922c41236c Update module prometheus/client_golang to v1.7.1 (#597) 2 weeks ago
  kolaente c8605d6b3d
Enable upload backgrounds by default 2 weeks ago
  kolaente caee123f9d
Add better errors if the sqlite db file is not writable 2 weeks ago
  renovate 7b31301f09 Update golang.org/x/crypto commit hash to 75b2880 (#596) 2 weeks ago
  kolaente f2025c2658
Fix sqlite path in default config 2 weeks ago
  kolaente f324e3fb28
Fix docker multiarch build 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 894d35e4fe
Fix docker manifest build 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 1d9cd82d68
Simplify pipeline & add docker manifest step 2 weeks ago
  kolaente 2bc26fe4fa
Make sure docker images are only built when tests pass 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 4168b9ac26
Add seperate docker pipeline for amd64 and arm 3 weeks ago
  leggettc18 8b030135de Added section to full-docker-example.md for Caddy v2. (#595) 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 150c3f032c
Prevent crashing when trying to register with an empty payload 3 weeks ago
  kolaente bfc4dd05ed
Add docs for restore 3 weeks ago
  kolaente cd812b4232
update theme 3 weeks ago
  konrad e4f150bbe3 Restore command (#593) 3 weeks ago
  kolaente db0126968a
Improve memory usage of dump by not loading all files in memory prior to adding them to the zip 3 weeks ago
  kolaente c12bac0c96
Return errors when dumping 3 weeks ago
  konrad fba333866d Add dump command (#592) 3 weeks ago