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  renovate a6fdf114d1 Update golang.org/x/image commit hash to 4578eab (#663) 2 days ago
  renovate ca1b33d24d Update github.com/asaskevich/govalidator commit hash to 7a23bdc (#657) 3 days ago
  renovate c98b9bbee6 Update golang.org/x/image commit hash to e59bae6 (#659) 3 days ago
  renovate 19a0a85c73 Update github.com/jgautheron/goconst commit hash to 8f5268c (#658) 3 days ago
  renovate 77122b8f1b Update module iancoleman/strcase to v0.1.2 (#660) 3 days ago
  renovate 436af467d6 Update module mattn/go-sqlite3 to v1.14.3 (#661) 3 days ago
  renovate 04130e4ea3 Update module spf13/afero to v1.4.0 (#662) 3 days ago
  kolaente 7e6e44e787
Replace renovate tokens with env 3 days ago
  kolaente 9e7ca8df51
Update renovate token 3 days ago
  konrad 6bdddd462a Favorite lists (#654) 2 weeks ago
  konrad e5559137dd Favorite tasks (#653) 2 weeks ago
  kolaente ecf09e17a8
Only check if a bucket limit is exceeded when moving a task between buckets 3 weeks ago
  konrad 14d706c91e Kanban bucket limits (#652) 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 5317a89623
Make sure to copy the permissions as well when moving files 3 weeks ago
  kolaente e9b1786188
Regenerate swagger docs 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 313289d28d
Add rootpath to deb command to not include everything in the deb file 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 05e237560d
Add mage command to create a new migration 3 weeks ago
  kolaente e4dd314079
Add caldav enabled/disabled to /info endpoint 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 118c7f25b5
Fix release commands in drone 3 weeks ago
  kolaente b64a80da0b
Make sure built binary files are executable when compressing with upx 3 weeks ago
  kolaente bb26c9d97c
Make sure to only initialize all variables when needed 3 weeks ago
  kolaente edf3854632
Add github sponsor link 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 19a66450ec
Fix building for darwin with mage 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 3a839dfb86
Add util function to move files 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 78b261e440
Skip directories when moving build release artefacts in drone 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 471d1b0ec5
Fix dockerimage build 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 58dfbe13ed
Add FreeBSD guide to installation docs 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 1a4eef1056
Add toc to docs 3 weeks ago
  kolaente 8da7db3e26
Cleanup references to make 3 weeks ago
  konrad d359130bcf Switch to mage (#651) 3 weeks ago
  renovate 05099e1784 Update module spf13/afero to v1.3.5 (#650) 3 weeks ago
  renovate 79970ebb4a Update module labstack/echo/v4 to v4.1.17 (#646) 3 weeks ago
  renovate 27b4086351 Update module iancoleman/strcase to v0.1.1 (#645) 3 weeks ago
  renovate ae7eafd6ad Update module mattn/go-sqlite3 to v1.14.2 (#647) 3 weeks ago
  renovate 21b5aee054 Update github.com/c2h5oh/datasize commit hash to 48ed595 (#644) 1 month ago
  renovate 2b34a8d4e6 Update github.com/shurcooL/vfsgen commit hash to 0d455de (#642) 1 month ago
  renovate b4771c1bce Update golang.org/x/crypto commit hash to 5c72a88 (#640) 1 month ago
  renovate c83858bf7e Update module mattn/go-sqlite3 to v1.14.1 (#638) 1 month ago
  renovate 08b8964b3d Update github.com/asaskevich/govalidator commit hash to 29e1ff8 (#639) 1 month ago
  kolaente d88551e99d
Add dav proxy directions to example proxy configurations 1 month ago
  renovate ebd71d1f04 Update module iancoleman/strcase to v0.1.0 (#636) 1 month ago
  renovate a61ab0c5cf Update github.com/asaskevich/govalidator commit hash to 50839af (#637) 1 month ago
  kolaente fa718e2576
Fix token renew for link shares 1 month ago
  kolaente c517a87b85
Don't add a subtask to the top level of tasks to not add it twice in the list 1 month ago
  kolaente 28fd0e91ee
Mention client_max_body_size in nginx proxy settings 1 month ago
  renovate 14c27600d8 Update github.com/asaskevich/govalidator commit hash to df4adff (#552) 1 month ago
  kolaente dedce20780
"Fix" gocyclo 1 month ago
  kolaente a58b932743
Work around tasks with attachments not being duplicated 1 month ago
  kolaente 301bebf8d3
Only try to download attachments from todoist when there is a url 1 month ago
  kolaente d192c36c39
Add better tests for namespaces 1 month ago