• Pre-Release v0.14.1 f93362defa

    [0.14.1] - 2020-07-07

    konrad 2 months ago | 89 commits to master since this release

    This is a smaller bug release.


    • Fix creating lists with non ascii characters (#607)
    • Fix decoding active users from redis
    • Fix parsing todoist reminder dates
    • Make sure the metrics map accesses only happen explicitly


    • Update docs theme
  • Pre-Release v0.14.0 5d900fd40d

    [0.14.0] - 2020-07-01

    konrad 2 months ago | 96 commits to master since this release

    Again a huge release!

    This release features a lot of feature improvements and bugfixes.


    • Set a list background from unsplash or upload a custom one
    • Dump and restore commands
    • Migrate tasks from todoist
    • Repeating tasks will make sure the new dates are in the future


    • Add ability to run the docker container with configurable user and group ids
    • Add better errors if the sqlite db file is not writable
    • Add cache for initial unsplash collection
    • Add docker setup guide from start to finish
    • Add docs for restore
    • Add dump command (#592)
    • Add section to for Caddy v2 (#595)
    • Add go version to version command
    • Add list background information when getting all lists
    • Add logging if downloading an image from unsplash fails
    • Add migration test in drone (#585)
    • Add option to disable totp for everyone
    • Add plausible to docs
    • Add restarting commands to all example docker compose files
    • Add seperate docker pipeline for amd64 and arm
    • Add test mail command (#571)
    • Add todoist migrator to available migrators in info endpoint if it is enabled
    • Add unsplash image proxy for images and thumbnails
    • Add returning unsplash info when searching
    • Don't return all tasks when a user has no lists
    • Duplicate Lists (#603)
    • Enable upload backgrounds by default
    • Generate a random list identifier based on the list title
    • List Backgrounds (#568)
    • List Background upload (#582)
    • Repeat tasks after completion (#587)
    • Restore command (#593)
    • Sentry integration (#591)
    • Todoist Migration (#566)


    • Ensure consistent naming of title fields (#528)
    • Ensure task dates are in the future if a task has a repeating interval (#586)
    • Fix caching of initial unsplash results per page
    • Fix case-insensitive task search for postgresql (#524)
    • Fix docker manifest build
    • Fix docker multiarch build
    • Fix docs theme build
    • Fix getting unsplash thumbnails for non "photo-*" urls
    • Fix migration 20200425182634
    • Fix migration 20200516123847
    • Fix migration to add position to task
    • Fix misspell
    • Fix namespace title not being updated
    • Fix not loading timezones on all operating systems
    • Fix proxying unsplash images (security)
    • Fix removing existing sqlite files
    • Fix resetting list, label & namespace colors
    • Fix searching for unsplash pictures with words that contain a space
    • Fix setting a list identifier to empty
    • Fix sqlite db not working when creating a new one
    • Fix sqlite path in default config
    • Fix swagger docs
    • Fix updating the index when moving a task
    • Prevent crashing when trying to register with an empty payload
    • Properly ping unsplash when using unsplash images
    • Return errors when dumping
    • Set the list identifier when creating a new task


    • Expose namespace id when querying lists
    • Improve getting all namespaces performance (#526)
    • Improve memory usage of dump by not loading all files in memory prior to adding them to the zip
    • Improve metrics performance
    • Load the list when setting a background
    • Make the db timezone migration mysql compatible
    • Make the _unix suffix optional when sorting tasks
    • Migrate all timestamps to real iso dates (#594)
    • Make sure docker images are only built when tests pass
    • Remove build date from binary
    • Remove dependencies on build step to speed up test pipeline (#521)
    • Remove go mod vendor todo from pr template now that we don't keep dependencies in the repo anymore
    • Remove migration dependency to models
    • Remove min length for labels, lists, namespaces, tasks and teams
    • Remove vendored dependencies
    • Reorganize cmd init functions
    • Set unsplash empty collection caching to one hour
    • Simplify pipeline & add docker manifest step
    • Update alpine Docker tag to v3.12 (#573)
    • Update and fix staticcheck
    • Update dependency to v1.14.0
    • Update commit hash to 92b8a71 (#599)
    • Update commit hash to 279210d (#577)
    • Update commit hash to 70a84ac (#578)
    • Update commit hash to 75b2880 (#596)
    • Update module go-redis/redis/v7 to v7.3.0 (#565)
    • Update module go-redis/redis/v7 to v7.4.0 (#579)
    • Update module go-testfixtures/testfixtures/v3 to v3.3.0 (#600)
    • Update module lib/pq to v1.6.0 (#572)
    • Update module lib/pq to v1.7.0 (#581)
    • Update module prometheus/client_golang to v1.7.0 (#589)
    • Update module prometheus/client_golang to v1.7.1 (#597)
    • Update module spf13/afero to v1.3.0 (#588)
    • Update module spf13/afero to v1.3.1 (#602)
    • Update module spf13/cobra to v1 (#511)
    • Update module to v1.2.1 (#574)
    • Update module to v1.3.0 (#590)
    • Update module stretchr/testify to v1.6.0 (#570)
    • Update module stretchr/testify to v1.6.1 (#580)
    • Update module swaggo/swag to v1.6.7 (#601)
    • Update commit hash to 209a5cf (#523)
    • Update commit hash to a09175e (#576)
    • Update commit hash to eeb7c0a (#575)
    • update theme
    • Update theme
    • Update web handler
    • Update 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2
    • Use the db logger instance for logging migration related stuff
  • Pre-Release v0.13.1 16ed5fd982

    [0.13.1] - 2020-05-19

    konrad 4 months ago | 205 commits to master since this release

    This is a security patch update, please update asap.


    • Don't get all tasks if a user has no lists
  • Pre-Release v0.13 91a3b7aba2

    [0.13] - 2020-05-12

    konrad 4 months ago | 207 commits to master since this release

    Big release time!

    This Releases highlights are Kanban Boards (yes!), 2fa for user authentication, task filters and a lot of bug fixes.


    • Add 2fa for authentification (#383)
    • Add categories to error docs
    • Add changing email for users
    • Add community link
    • Add configuration options for log level
    • Add creating a new first bucket when creating a new list
    • Add docs for changing frontend url
    • Add endpoint to disable totp auth
    • Add endpoint to get the current users totp status
    • Add explanation to docs about cors
    • Add github token for renovate (#164)
    • Add gosec static analysis
    • Add moving tasks between lists (#389)
    • Add real buckets for tasks which don't have one (#446)
    • Add traefik 2 example configuration
    • Configure Renovate (#159)
    • Kanban (#393)
    • Task filters (#243)
    • Task Position (#412)


    • Add checking and logging when trying to put a task into a nonexisting bucket
    • Fix bucket ID being reset with no need to do so
    • Fix creating new things with a link share auth
    • Fix dependencies
    • Fix gosec in drone
    • Fix link share creation & creating admin link shares without admin rights
    • Fix moving tasks back into the empty (ID: 0) bucket
    • Fix moving tasks in buckets
    • Fix not moving its bucket when moving a task between lists
    • Fix pagination count for task collection
    • Fix parsing array style comparators by query param
    • Fix reference to reverse proxies in docs
    • Fix removing the last bucket
    • Fix replace statements for tail
    • Fix team rights not updating for namespace rights
    • Fix tests after renaming json fields to snake_case
    • Fix total label count when getting all labels (#477)
    • Remove setting task bucket to 0
    • Task Filter Fixes (#495)


    • Change all json fields to snake_case
    • Change totp secret datatype from varchar to text
    • Update alpine Docker tag to v3.11 (#160)
    • Update docs theme
    • Update commit hash to 28bbd47 (#212)
    • Update commit hash to 7953dde (#233)
    • Update commit hash to cda7ea3 (#228)
    • Update commit hash to 8d4bc4b (#229)
    • Update commit hash to 056763e (#222)
    • Update commit hash to 06a226f (#504)
    • Update commit hash to 0848c95 (#371)
    • Update commit hash to 3c4aac8 (#419)
    • Update commit hash to 44a6062 (#429)
    • Update commit hash to 4b2356b (#475)
    • Update commit hash to 4bdfaf4 (#438)
    • Update commit hash to 729f1e8 (#458)
    • Update commit hash to a76a400 (#411)
    • Update commit hash to 738671d (#223)
    • Update module go-redis/redis to v6.15.7 (#234)
    • Update module go-redis/redis to v6.15.7 (#290)
    • Update module go-redis/redis to v7 (#277)
    • Update module go-redis/redis to v7 (#309)
    • Update module go-testfixtures/testfixtures/v3 to v3.1.2 (#457)
    • Update module go-testfixtures/testfixtures/v3 to v3.2.0 (#505)
    • Update module imdario/mergo to v0.3.9 (#238)
    • Update module labstack/echo/v4 to v4.1.16 (#241)
    • Update module lib/pq to v1.4.0 (#428)
    • Update module lib/pq to v1.5.0 (#476)
    • Update module lib/pq to v1.5.1 (#485)
    • Update module lib/pq to v1.5.2 (#491)
    • Update module olekukonko/tablewriter to v0.0.4 (#240)
    • Update module prometheus/client_golang to v0.9.4 (#245)
    • Update module prometheus/client_golang to v1
    • Update module prometheus/client_golang to v1.6.0 (#463)
    • Update module spf13/cobra to v0.0.7 (#271)
    • Update module spf13/viper to v1.6.2 (#272)
    • Update module spf13/viper to v1.6.3 (#291)
    • Update module spf13/viper to v1.7.0 (#494)
    • Update module stretchr/testify to v1.5.1 (#274)
    • Update Renovate Configuration (#161)
    • Update commit hash to bb0faa3 (#279)
    • Update commit hash to c43d4c4 (#224)
    • Update xorm redis cacher to use the xorm logger instead of a special seperate one
    • Update xorm to v1 (#323)
  • Pre-Release v0.12 8f4139f44a

    [0.12] - 2020-04-04

    konrad 5 months ago | 291 commits to master since this release

    This release features support for archiving lists and namespaces, colors, proxy for avatars and a few bugfixes and improvments.

    Starting with this release, all downloads are available at


    • Add support for archiving lists and namespaces (#152)
    • Colors for lists and namespaces (#155)
    • Add build time to compile flags
    • Add proxying gravatar requests for user avatars (#148)
    • Add empty avatar provider (#149)
    • expand relative path ~/.config/vikunja to $HOME/.config/vikunja WINDOWS (#147)
    • Show lists as archived if their namespace is archived


    • Workaround for timezones on windows (#151)
    • Fix getting one namespace
    • Fix getting the authenticated user with caldav
    • Fix searching for config in home directories
    • Fix updating lists with an identifier


    • Change release bucket
  • Pre-Release v0.11 7ddfa76a84

    Version 0.11

    konrad 6 months ago | 308 commits to master since this release

    This release's highlights:

    • Postgres Support!
    • Task Comments!
    • A bunch of bugfixes and improvements.


    • Add config options for cors handling (#124)
    • Add config options for task attachments (#125)
    • Add generate as a make dependency for make build
    • Add logging for invalid model errors (#126)
    • Add more logging to web handler methods
    • Add postgres support (#135)
    • Add rate limit by ip for non-authenticated routes (#127)
    • Better efficency for loading teams (#128)
    • Expand relative path ~/.config/vikunja to $HOME/.config/vikunja (#146)
    • Task Comments (#138)


    • Fix typo in docker-compose example (#140)
    • Fix frontend url for wunderlist migration in docs
    • Fix inserting task structure with related tasks (#142)
    • Fix time zone settings not working in Docker
    • Fix updating dates when marking a task as done (#145)
    • Make sure the author is returned when creating a new comment
    • Remove double user field


    • Explicitly disable wunderlist migration by default (#141)
    • Migration Improvements (#122)
    • Refactor User and DB handling (#123)
    • Return iso dates for everything date related from the api (#130)
    • Update copyright header
    • Update theme
    • Update xorm to use the new import path (#133)
    • Use relative url in .gitmodules (#132)
  • Pre-Release v0.10 0654ead831

    Version 0.10

    konrad 8 months ago | 334 commits to master since this release

    Task migration is here!

    Other features were mostly smaller nits and improvents under the hood.


    • Migration (#120)
    • Endpoint to get tasks on a list (#108)
    • Sort Order for tasks (#110)
    • Add files volume to docker compose docs
    • Add motd config option to docs
    • Add option to disable registration (#117)
    • Add task identifier (#115)
    • Add tests for md5 generation (#111)
    • Add user token renew (#113)


    • Fix new tasks not getting a new task index (#116)
    • Fix owner field being null for user shared namespaces (#119)
    • Fix passing sort_by and order_by as query path arrays
    • Fix sorting tasks by bool values
    • Fix task collection tests
    • Consistent copyright text in file headers (#112)


    • Task collection improvements (#109)
    • Update copyright year (#118)
    • Update docs with a traefik configuration
    • Use redis INCRBY and DECRBY when updating metrics values (#121)
    • Use utf8mb4 instead of plain utf8 (#114)
    • Update docs theme
  • Pre-Release v0.9 6045f4a426

    Version 0.9

    konrad 10 months ago | 357 commits to master since this release

    Attachments and relations are here!

    You can download pre-built binaries here and find instructions on how to install here.


    • Task Attachments (#104)
    • Task Relations (#103)
    • Add endpoint to get a single task (#106)
    • Add file volume to the docker image
    • Added extra depth to logging to correctly show the functions calling the logger in logs
    • Added more infos to a link share auth (#98)
    • Added percent done to tasks (#102)


    • Fix default logging settings (#107)
    • Fixed a bug where adding assignees or reminders via an update would re-create them and not respect already inserted ones, leaving a lot of garbage
    • Fixed a bug where deleting an attachment would cause a nil panic
    • Fixed building docs theme
    • Fixed error when setting max file size on 32-Bit systems
    • Fixed labels being displayed multiple times if they were associated with more than one task (#99)
    • Fixed metrics on/off setting
    • Fixed migration for task relations
    • Fixed not getting all labels when retrieving a list with all tasks
    • Fixed panic when using link share and metrics
    • Fixed rate limit panic when authenticating with a link share auth token (#97)
    • Fixed removing reminders
    • Small link share fixes (#96)


    • Improve pagination (#105)
    • Moved teams_{namespace|list}_* to {namespace|list}_teams_* for better consistency (#101)
    • Refactored getting all lists for a namespace (#100)
    • Refactored getting task IDs for labels
    • Switched default logger to stdout instead of stderr
    • update docs theme


    • Move from markdown lists to Vikunja for roadmap
  • Pre-Release v0.8 021ee48ec3

    Version 0.8

    konrad 1 year ago | 393 commits to master since this release

    It's been almost 4 months since the last release!

    This is again a medium-sized release with mostly fixes under the hood and a few new features.

    You can download pre-built binaries here and find instructions on how to install here.


    • Better Caldav support (#73)
    • Added settings for max open/idle connections and max connection lifetime (#74)
    • /info endpoint (#85)
    • Added http endpoint to list all users on a list (#87)
    • Rate limits (#91)
    • Sharing of lists via public links (#94)


    • Reminders now use an extra table (#75)
    • Use the username instead of a full user object when adding a user to a team or giving it rights (#76)
    • Add the md5-hashed user email to user objects for use with gravatar (#78)
    • Use the auth methods to get IDs to avoid unneeded casts
    • Better config handling with constants (#83)
    • Statically compile templates in the final binary (#84)
    • Use longtext instead of varchar(1000) on description fields (#88)
    • Logger refactoring (#90)


    • Fixed listID not being returned in tasks
    • Fixed tests (#72)
    • Fixed metrics endpoint not working
    • Fixed check if the user really exists before updating/deleting its rights (#77)
    • Fixed duedate spelling issue (#79)

    Under the hood

    • Integration tests (#71)
    • Make sure the version works when building in drone
    • Switched to another version of xgo
    • Simplified the docker image (#80)
    • Update echo (#82)
    • Compress binaries after building them (#81)
    • Simplify structure by having less files (#86)
    • Limit the test pipeline to run only on pull requests (#89)
    • GetUser now returns a pointer (#93)
    • Refactor ListTask to Task (#92)
  • Pre-Release v0.7 0ed6c6cc0d


    konrad 1 year ago | 475 commits to master since this release

    Another rather small release with most changes under the hood, also pretty much no new features.


    • Fixed Priority not updating when setting it to 0
    • Fixed getting lists by namespace
    • Fixed rights check (#70 #62)
    • Fixed labels not being queried correctly on tasks
    • Fixed bulk update label tasks


    • Hide a user's email address everywhere (#69)
    • Refactored canRead() to get the list before checking rights #65
    • Let rights methods return errors (#64 #63)
    • Improved Swagger docs for label tasks
    • Docs improvements (#58)
    • Logging Handling (#57)
    • Rights performance improvements (#54)

    New Features

    • DB migrations (#67)
    • More cli options for Vikunja (#66 #68)
    • Use query params to sort tasks instead of url params (#61)
    • More config paths (#55)


    • Releases also as Debian packages (#56)
  • Pre-Release v0.6 7e8c2bb53b


    konrad 1 year ago | 526 commits to master since this release

    New features

    • Added prometheus endpoint to get metrics (#33)
    • More unit tests (#34)
    • Tests can now use config files (#36)
    • Redoc for swagger ui (#39, #46)
    • Start and end dates for tasks (#40)
    • Get tasks between a date range (#41)
    • Bulk edit for tasks (#42)
    • More ci checks (#43)
    • Task assignees (#44, #47)
    • Task labels (#45, #48)


    • Fixed path to get all tasks (echo bug)
    • Explicitly get the peudonamespace with all shared lists (#32)
    • Properly init tabels Redis
    • unexpected EOF when using metrics (#35)
    • Task sorting in lists (#36)
    • Various user fixes (#38)
    • Fixed a bug where updating a list would update it with the same values it had


    • Simplified list rights check (#50)
    • Refactored some structs to not expose unneded values via json (#52)


    • Updated libraries
    • Updated drone to version 1
    • Releases are now signed with our pgp key (more info about this on the download page).

    Download pre-built binaries here.

  • Pre-Release v0.5 cc6b35e314


    konrad 1 year ago | 591 commits to master since this release

    New Features:

    • Shared lists are now shown in a pseudonamespace with all other namespaces, has the ID -1
    • Tasks can have multiple reminders
    • Tasks can have subtasks. Subtasks are fully-fleged tasks, but not shown in the task list of a list.
    • Tasks can have priorities


    • Validation not so verbose anymore
    • License is now GPLv3
    • The crudhandler now has its own repo - you can use it in your own projects!

    Download pre-built binaries here.

  • Pre-Release v0.4 196b6728b8


    konrad 1 year ago | 608 commits to master since this release

    New Features

    • Get all tasks for the authenticated user sorted by their due date
    • CalDAV support
    • Pagination for everything which returns an array
    • Search all the things
    • More validation for most of the structs
    • Improved Swagger docs (available on /api/v1/swagger)

    Download pre-built binaries here.

  • Pre-Release v0.3 14207a0fa8


    konrad 1 year ago | 619 commits to master since this release

    New Features:

    • Password reset
    • Email verification when registering

    Misc bugfixes and improvements to the build process

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