The to-do app to organize your life. Public API Roadmap here:
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name: "vikunja"
arch: "amd64"
platform: "linux"
version: "<version>"
description: "Vikunja is an open-source todo application, written in Go. It lets you create lists,tasks and share them via teams or directly between users."
maintainer: "Vikunja Maintainers <>"
homepage: ""
section: "default"
priority: "extra"
license: "AGPLv3"
- systemd
- src: <binlocation>
dst: /opt/vikunja/vikunja
- src: ./config.yml.sample
dst: /etc/vikunja/config.yml
type: "config"
- src: /opt/vikunja/vikunja
dst: /usr/local/bin/vikunja
type: "symlink"
- src: vikunja.service
dst: /usr/lib/systemd/system/vikunja.service
postinstall: ./build/