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Vikunja Cross-Platform App

Download from Releases


This app is in alpha pre-release. You must absolutely expect things to not work, and sometimes even break something in the backend. Using this app on important production backends is possible but discouraged. However, as we rely on your feedback about missing features and bugs, we do encourage you to try it out and give us feedback here on GitHub. We are not responsible for lost data and similar destruction.

If you have anything to contribute, please open a PR. It is encouraged to let us know before you start developing, so we can discuss possible overlap with features other people might already be working on. This avoids unnecessary waste of time for either party.

It will be a while until this app is released to the Google Play Store. Until then, please download from the Releases page. If you want to try this app on an iPhone, I cannot provide support, as I do not have an iPhone to develop on. However, contributors have confirmed that it works™. If you do decide to try it out, please share with the community any bugs you experience.