78 Commits (master)

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JonasFranz fd33172250 Upgrade android embedding to v2 (#60) 5 months ago
JonasFranz 5d0b424217 Fix badges (#59) 5 months ago
Jonas Franz 09b15a249c
Re-enable dependencies for iOS build 5 months ago
Jonas Franz 7fa0835063
Remove depenedncy 5 months ago
Jonas Franz dbc3a77105
rbenv fix 5 months ago
Jonas Franz 50cb3318d4
Add rbenv 5 months ago
Jonas Franz f422b73414
Use local bundle path 5 months ago
Jonas Franz 89f790c38c
Use bundle install 5 months ago
JonasFranz 5ffa78c97c Fix iOS build (#58) 5 months ago
renovate 3adfe3c860 Update dependency gradle to v4.10.3 (#54) 6 months ago
renovate 442251f636 Update dependency flutter_secure_storage to v3.3.5 (#53) 6 months ago
kolaente 2fc3aabae3
Fix s3 release bucket credentials 6 months ago
renovate 648e9c5748 Update dependency flutter_launcher_icons to ^0.8.0 (#52) 6 months ago
renovate 99f1e1aed4 Configure Renovate (#51) 6 months ago
JonasFranz 23c048b3f4 Remove chown to fix ci (#49) 8 months ago
kolaente 0bbc552945
Use the updated logo 10 months ago
kolaente de77bd2565
Update dependencies 11 months ago
kolaente 8f595c340f
Revert "Add sentry (#43)" 11 months ago
JonasFranz 2abdcc4ca9 Publish iOS Version into Testers group automatically (#47) 1 year ago
JonasFranz 3ecf6cd9dd Add dark mode (#46) 1 year ago
JonasFranz 8993999a68 Improve error handling (#45) 1 year ago
JonasFranz 6c0762d458 Provide build for iOS (#42) 1 year ago
JonasFranz 9c2622e77f Add sentry (#43) 1 year ago
kolaente 4adee85d62
Don't try to run tests in pipeline 1 year ago
kolaente 020cfa2bde
Format 1 year ago
kolaente 9973816dde
Fix all json fields being snake_case 1 year ago
kolaente 68d3ffd30d
Rename namespace name and task text to title 1 year ago
kolaente 46fc580b7b
Format 1 year ago
kolaente 361057aa9f
Fix date format 1 year ago
kolaente 14300266ef
Change release bucket 1 year ago
kolaente a2f53ce711
Use the same image for building and testing in ci 1 year ago
konrad 0f23c4d0f3 Make it build again (#38) 1 year ago
konrad 144f55af6d
Updated dockerimage to use the vikunja one for building apps 2 years ago
konrad 8278340242 Show a message if a list or namespace is empty (#29) 2 years ago
konrad 2121b831a0 Namespace edit (#36) 2 years ago
konrad 1e3518554b Logout (#35) 2 years ago
konrad 9848c462f8 Fixed namespaces loading every time a widget was loaded (#34) 2 years ago
konrad 75f6608863 Refactor (#31) 2 years ago
konrad fa05e0e6a3 Fix the build and update drone (#33) 2 years ago
konrad 67e47b03cd Snackbars for all actions (#30) 2 years ago
konrad cc25bba0c7 Reload items after adding it (#28) 2 years ago
konrad 893e59b00e List edit design improvements (#27) 2 years ago
konrad ae197684ac Login page design improvements (#26) 2 years ago
konrad cb360f656f Theme update (#23) 2 years ago
konrad b904379af7 Added better error messages to login and register (#25) 2 years ago
konrad c285120034 List edit (#21) 2 years ago
konrad d30ea0f91c Cleanup pubspec (#24) 2 years ago
konrad 563fe1fc4d Fixed app not working with the newest api change which has multiple reminders (#19) 3 years ago
konrad 62d7261a63 Fix build (#18) 3 years ago
konrad 7755b9c812 Added formatting check to makefile and ci (#17) 3 years ago