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There has been a <a href="{{< ref "./release-0.20.2.md">}}" class="!underline">patch release for the frontend</a> with additional fixes.
Updating is highly encouraged.
This is a patch release with important fixes and refactorings in the frontend and api.
Noteworthy changes:

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title: "Vikunja Frontend 0.20.2 was released"
date: 2022-12-18T12:11:35+01:00
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This is a patch release with important fixes and improvements in the frontend.
Noteworthy changes:
* The error causing the message "Error: Assignment to constant variable" when editing tasks is now fixed
* When the same new label is used in multiple tasks created via quick add magic it is now created only once
* A list specified via quick add magic is now passed down to all subtasks created via indention
* A task is now correctly removed from its bucket when it is in the first kanban bucket
* Fullscreen side-by-side editing is now disabled as there was no way of getting out of this editing mode
* Only automatically redirect to provider if the url contains ?redirectToProvider=true and it's the only one
* Variable fonts with subsetting are now used
As usual, you can find the full changelogs in the [frontend repo](https://kolaente.dev/vikunja/frontend/src/branch/main/CHANGELOG.md#0-20-2-2022-12-18).
To get the upgrade, simply replace the frontend files or pull the latest docker image.
You can also check out the update docs for the [frontend](https://vikunja.io/docs/install-frontend/#updating) updating process.