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@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ Thanks to [leggettc18]( for improving the docs a
You can now set beautiful list backgrounds directly from unsplash ([requires configuration]( or upload a custom one!
With unsplash backgrounds, we've gone great lengths to make sure your privacy is preserved, all requests to the unsplash api go through the Vikunja api and are stripped of any useful information.
![List Backgrounds](/images/0.14.0-list-backgrounds.jpg)
![List Backgrounds](/blog/images/0.14.0-list-backgrounds.jpg)
### Migrate tasks from todoist
@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ Vikunja now lets you import tasks directly from todoist - this works pretty much
You can now hide done tasks and filter tasks with a due date (more filters coming in future releases)
By default, only tasks which are not done will be shown.
![Task Filter](/images/0.14.0-task-filters.png)
![Task Filter](/blog/images/0.14.0-task-filters.png)
### Namespaces & Lists Page
@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ Quickly get an overview about all your lists and namespaces on a dedicated page!
As you can see in the screenshot this will also show all backgrounds you may have set on a list.
In the same go, the menu has been cleaned up a bit to only show visible lists and namespaces.
![Namespaces and Lists page](/images/0.14.0-namespace-list-page.png)
![Namespaces and Lists page](/blog/images/0.14.0-namespace-list-page.png)
### Dump and restore commands

@ -15,13 +15,13 @@ As usual, just grab a new release from the [downloads page](https://dl.vikunja.i
## Favorite Lists & Tasks
![Favorite lists and tasks](/images/0.15.0-favorites.png)
![Favorite lists and tasks](/blog/blog/images/0.15.0-favorites.png)
You can now mark tasks and lists as favorite which lets them show up in special namespaces and lists for easier access! No more "Where was that important task I wanted to do later today?"
## Saved Filters
![Saved filters](/images/0.15.0-saved-filters.png)
![Saved filters](/blog/images/0.15.0-saved-filters.png)
You can now save a specific set of filters to create a new pseudo list which will dynamically contain all tasks matching the filter! This lets you easily see important (as per your definition) tasks in one go.

@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ Vikunja is now available as a standalone desktop app! I've repackaged the fronte
### More filter options
![More filter options](/images/0.16.0-more-filters.png)
![More filter options](/blog/images/0.16.0-more-filters.png)
Building on the filters from the last release, this release features new task filters for assignees, labels, lists and namespaces (in saved filters) and reminders. You can use all of them in saved filters and the usual task views.
@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ You can now also apply all these filters in the kanban view.
### Migration options for Microsoft To-Do and Trello
![Migration options](/images/0.16.0-migration-microsoft-to-do-trello.png)
![Migration options](/blog/images/0.16.0-migration-microsoft-to-do-trello.png)
This release adds new migration options for Microsoft To-Do and Trello.
Import your tasks and cards from these services with the easy one-click import method.

@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ As usual, just grab a new release from the [downloads page](https://dl.vikunja.i
The frontend was tweaked quite a lot for more consistency across all pages and a better "overall" look and feel to it.
This also meant reordering some of the settings menu and the way some things were organized.
![The all new shiny frontend](/images/0.17.0-frontend.png)
![The all new shiny frontend](/blog/images/0.17.0-frontend.png)
### Notifications
@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ It is now possible to subscribe to a namespace, list or task.
Once subscribed, you will receive emails about actions someone does on a task etc.
These subscriptions bubble down so if you're subscribed to a namespace you will automatically receive notifications for all tasks on lists in that namespace.
![Notifications overview](/images/0.17.0-notifications.png)
![Notifications overview](/blog/images/0.17.0-notifications.png)
### Names and passwords for link shares

@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ You can open it with the new search icon in the top left corner or with the `ctr
It also supports Quick Add Magic to set task attributes.
![The new improved home page](/images/0.18.0-quick-add.png)
![The new improved home page](/blog/images/0.18.0-quick-add.png)
### Creating tasks directly from the home page
@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ You can now create a new task directly from the home page without being on a lis
To specify the list where the task will be created, you'll need to set a default list in the settings or use
Quick Add Magic (see below).
![The new improved home page](/images/0.18.0-overview.png)
![The new improved home page](/blog/images/0.18.0-overview.png)
### More languages