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There has been a <a href="{{< ref "./release-0.20.5.md">}}" class="!underline">patch release for the frontend and api</a> with additional fixes.
Updating is highly encouraged.
This is a patch release with important fixes and improvements in the frontend and api.
Among code-improvements, refactorings and dependency updates, these are the noteworthy changes:

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title: "Vikunja frontend v0.20.5 and API v0.20.4 was released"
date: 2023-03-12T10:25:18+01:00
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This is a patch release which fixes a problem with the last release's docker images.
A bug prevented running the frontend container on some systems and the api container with some different group ids than the default.
As usual, you can find the full changelogs in the [frontend](https://kolaente.dev/vikunja/frontend/src/branch/main/CHANGELOG.md#0-20-5-2023-03-12) and [api](https://kolaente.dev/vikunja/api/src/branch/main/CHANGELOG.md#0-20-4-2023-03-12) repos.
To get the upgrade, simply replace the frontend files or api binary or pull the latest docker image.
You can also check out the update docs for the [frontend](https://vikunja.io/docs/install-frontend/#updating) or [api](https://vikunja.io/docs/install-backend/#updating) updating process.