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title: "Vikunja 0.13.0 is released"
date: 2020-05-12T12:00:00+00:00
This is a big release!
There were a total of 84 api related and 114 frontend related merged features and improvements since the last release.
Thanks to [Furai](, [jonastheis]( and [funkythings]( for contributing to this release.
## Breaking
All api field names are now `snake_case`. The frontend already reflects that.
## Highlights
This release has a few highlights:
### Kanban
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You can now organize and prioritize your tasks in a kanban board - each card on a board represents a task.
All tasks can be added through the usual ways and will then show up in the kanban board where they can be easily rearranged and reordered.
### 2fa
It is now possible to additionally secure a user account with two-factor authentication.
### Configurable api url in frontend
You can now [tell the frontend]( where it can find the backend - this makes deployment and management of frontend installations easier.
### Vuex
Under the hood, the frontend now uses vuex for centralized state management. This enables some features like displaying the list titles in the task overview pages.
## Other Changes
Other notable changes include:
* Move tasks between lists
* User settings to change email, password and 2fa
* Properly highlight the current list in the menu
* Show parent lists and namespaces for related tasks
* Fix not all labels being shown in labels overview
* Fixes for team managment
* Prevent link share creation with admin rights from a link share without admin rights
### All changes
The full list of changes is available in the release notes from the [api]( and [frontend]( repos.