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If Vikunja is useful to you, please consider <a href="https://www.buymeacoffee.com/kolaente" target="_blank" class="!text-white !underline">buying me a coffe</a>,
<a href="https://github.com/sponsors/kolaente" target="_blank" class="!text-white !underline">sponsoring me on github</a> or <a href="https://vikunja.cloud/stickers" class="!text-white !underline">buying a sticker pack</a>.<br/>
I'm also offering <a href="https://vikunja.cloud/?utm_source=vikunja.io&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=release_0.18.0" class="!text-white !underline">a hosted version of Vikunja</a> if you want a hassle-free solution for yourself or your team.
I'm proud to announce Vikunja 0.20.0!
This release contains 558 changes in the frontend and 96 in the api.
A lot of the frontend changes were refactoring and continuing the move to vue 3.
## Getting the new version
As usual, just grab a new release from the [downloads page](https://dl.vikunja.io) or pull the latest docker container.
## New to Vikunja?
Vikunja is the open-source, self-hostable to-do app.
It lets you organize all kinds of things, from your shopping list to a multi-month project with multiple team members.
Different ways to view, filter and share your tasks make this a breeze.
Check out [the features page](https://vikunja.io/features) to learn more about all of its features.
## Highlights
### Gantt chart
The gantt chart got a major overhaul.
It looks almost exactly like the old one but should work a lot more reliably.
Most of the issues people reported over and over again are solved now.
Expect more refactoring and improvements to the gantt chart in the future!
![The overhauled gantt chart](/blog/images/0.20.0-gantt.png)
### Link shares can do more now
It is now possible to set a default view when opening the share and hiding the logo with the `logoVisible` query parameter.
To set the default view you can select one in the share dialog when creating a link share for a list.
To hide the logo, simply append the query parameter to the final link, like so: `?logoVisible=true`.
This feature was sponsored by Relm.
### Subtasks on indention
When creating multiple tasks at once through the multiline input in the list view you can now use indention to indicate subtasks.
For example, inputting a text like this:
second subtask
third subtask
sub sub task
will create 5 new tasks, with "subtask", "second subtask" and "third subtask" being subtasks of "task" and "sub sub task" being a subtask of "third subtask".
This works in combination with quick add magic on every task.
### Task cover images
You can now promote an attachment to task cover image!
Cover images will show up on the kanban board and make it easy to recognize a particular task.
![Cover images for tasks](/blog/images/0.20.0-cover-image.png)
This feature was sponsored by Relm.
### TickTick import
You can now import task data from a csv TickTick export.
The option is available without any configuration on the migration page.
### Default settings for new users
It is now possible to change the default setting for new users via the config file.
This is especially useful when using Vikunja with an external openid auth provider.
[Check out the docs about this feature](https://vikunja.io/docs/config-options/#defaultsettings).
## Closing thoughts
This release is smaller than the last one and does not have a lot of new, big features but more general improvements to the codebase.
I hope to improve the rate of new releases a little so that there will be smaller releases more often.
Please tell me what you think of this release, either [in the community forum](https://community.vikunja.io), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/vikunja.io) or [email](mailto:hello@vikunja.io).

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