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kolaente 1 month ago
Signed by: konrad GPG Key ID: F40E70337AB24C9B
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The releases aim at the api versions which is why there are missing versions.
## [0.17.0 - 2021-05-14]
### Added
* Add a "done" option to kanban buckets (#440)
* Add arm64 builds
* Add button to un-archive a namespace
* Add clearer call to action when no lists are available yet
* Add code highlighting for rendered user input text
* Add github sponsoring
* Add link share password authentication (#466)
* Add names to link shares when creating them (#456)
* Add notifications overview (#414)
* Add option to remove a list background
* Add overdue task reminder notification setting
* Add repeat after one-click intervals
* Add repeat mode setting for tasks
* Add security information to readme
* Add separate manifest template for latest
* Add settings for user search (#458)
* Add success message when modifying buckets
* Add "today" task filter
* Add view image modal for image attachments
* Pagingation for tasks in kanban buckets (#419)
* Persist show archived state
* Play a sound when marking a task as done
### Fixed
* Fix adding a label twice when selecting it and pressing enter
* Fix attachment hover
* Fix attachment not being added if the task was not a kanban task
* Fix attachments being added mutliple times
* Fix bucket test fixture when moving tasks between lists test
* Fix button height
* Fix caldav url not containing the api url if the frontend and api are on the same domain
* Fix checking for undefined behaviour when viewing a task
* Fix closing popups when clicking outside of them (#378)
* Fix "create new list" and import buttons on home page
* Fix create new list test
* Fix create new namespace test
* Fix current password id being available twice
* Fix datepicker popup not fully aligned on mobile
* Fix defer due date popup
* Fix delete buttons in forms
* Fix deleting task relations
* Fix editor buttons alignment
* Fix editor placeholder color
* Fix edit task description test
* Fix empty call to actions
* Fix filter container positioning
* Fix filter container positioning in link shares
* Fix flaky test
* Fix flaky test part 2
* Fix font caching in docker image
* Fix formatting invalid dates
* Fix getting back to the default task view when navigating back from a task modal
* Fix getting back to the kanban board after closing a task popup
* Fix iterating over check boxes and attachment images in the editor rendering
* Fix kanban board slightly scrolling
* Fix kanban height on mobile
* Fix kanban infinite scrolling on chrome
* Fix label spacing
* Fix labels randomly changing color after saving
* Fix list counter in the navigation counting archived lists
* Fix list layout when the list has no background for link shares
* Fix login or register not working when pressing enter
* Fix logout test
* Fix map_hash_max_size for docker images
* Fix misspelling (#415)
* Fix multiselect on mobile
* Fix namespace actions alignment in the menu
* Fix no color selected in the color picket
* Fix notification parsing for team memeber added
* Fix notification styling
* Fix pasting text into task comments or task descriptions
* Fix priority label width in task list
* Fix release pipeline steps
* Fix reloading the task list after changing a filter
* Fix removing dates from a filter
* Fix resetting colors from the color picker
* Fix setting a default color when none was saved
* Fix setting dates in safari
* Fix showing and hiding lists in the menu
* Fix sorting task by due date on task overview
* Fix spacing for lists with no rights to add new tasks
* Fix table names in test fixtures
* Fix task detail view spacings
* Fix task filter toggle button if the list has a background
* Fix task icon size
* Fix task icons on kanban if there were multiple different ones
* Fix task id spacing
* Fix task pagination
* Fix task relation search test
* Fix tasks moving infinitely in gantt chart (#493)
* Fix tasks not disappearing from the kanban board when moving them between lists
* Fix task title heading ux
* Fix team edit test
* Fix team edit test (#382)
* Fix team name in team member added notification
* Fix test
* Fix tests after changing button classes
* Fix text color
* Fix transition between pages
* Fix undo when marking a task as done
* Fix waiting for dependency step when building
* Fix yarn.lock
* Only check for token renew when the user is authenticated
* Only show the llama background for unauthenticated users
* Only use dark shadows for buttons
* Prevent setting a bucket limit < 0
### Changed
* Automatically go back after saving from a popup
* Better wording of new namespace and list buttons
* Bring up the keyboard shortcuts when pressing ?
* Change bucket background color
* Change main branch to main
* Cleanup font caching and requesting
* Don't hide all lists of namespaces when loosing network connectivity
* Don't save the editor text when it is loaded
* Don't show the list color in the list view
* Don't show the "new bucket" button when buckets are still loading
* Focus task detail elements when they show up
* Hide new related tasks form when related tasks exist
* Hide task elements while the task is loading
* Hide the bucket limit input when clicked away
* Hide the login form if no api url is configured
* Improve consistency of the layout (#386)
* Inline mutliselect search input for multiple elements
* Make filter buttons look better on mobile
* Make full task in task list clickable
* Make hidden lists in the menu more compact
* Make message undo button secondary
* Make release steps on master depend on building/testing
* Make sure all arm64 build steps run in parallel
* Make sure all empty pages have a call to action
* Make sure all popups & dropdowns are animated
* Make sure attachements are only added once to the list after uploading + Make sure the attachment list shows up every time after adding an attachment
* Make sure no cta's are visible while the page is loading
* Make sure the loading spinner is always visible at the end of the page
* Make the button shadow lighter
* Make the icons in the menu light grey
* Make the input full width by default
* Make the scrollbars a lighter grey (#394)
* Make the "upload attachment" button less obvious
* Move all content to cards (#387)
* Move all create views to better looking popups (#383)
* Move buttons to separate component (#380)
* Move list edit/namespace to separate pages and in a menu (#397)
* Move the search input to filters
* Open links to external sites in a new window
* Rearrange task actions
* Reduce quick task edit fields
* Remove the shadow at the "+" button for related tasks
* Rename .noshadow to .has-no-shadow
* Rework attachments list to look great everywhere
* Set user info from api instead of only relying on the info encoded in the jwt token
* Show call to action for task description if there is none
* Show label colors when searching for labels
* Show list if the search result for a task belongs to a different list
* Show "powered by Vikunja" in link shares
* Subscriptions and notifications for namespaces, tasks and lists (#410)
* Switch node-sass to sass
* Switch telegram notifications to matrix
* Update ShowTasks view to sort tasks by ascending (#406)
* Use a lighter grey for comment created dates
* Use buttons more consistently
* Use mousedown instead of click event to close modals
* Work around auto tag for main branch
### Dependency Updates
* Pin dependency browserslist to 4.16.6 (#500)
* Pin dependency highlight.js to 10.5.0 (#371)
* Update browserlist and caniuse-lite db
* Update dependency bulma to v0.9.2 (#392)
* Update dependency cypress-file-upload to v5.0.3 (#437)
* Update dependency cypress-file-upload to v5.0.4 (#455)
* Update dependency cypress-file-upload to v5.0.5 (#461)
* Update dependency cypress-file-upload to v5.0.6 (#481)
* Update dependency cypress-file-upload to v5.0.7 (#498)
* Update dependency cypress-file-upload to v5 (#379)
* Update dependency cypress to v6.3.0 (#381)
* Update dependency cypress to v6.4.0 (#399)
* Update dependency cypress to v6.5.0 (#412)
* Update dependency cypress to v6.6.0 (#421)
* Update dependency cypress to v6.7.1 (#430)
* Update dependency cypress to v6.8.0 (#435)
* Update dependency cypress to v6.9.1 (#452)
* Update dependency cypress to v7.1.0 (#472)
* Update dependency cypress to v7.2.0 (#494)
* Update dependency cypress to v7 (#453)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.17.0 (#403)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.18.0 (#420)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.19.0 (#423)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.20.0 (#459)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.20.1 (#463)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.20.2 (#470)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.20.3 (#473)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.21.0 (#477)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.21.1 (#482)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.21.2 (#499)
* Update dependency date-fns to v2.21.3 (#505)
* Update dependency dompurify to v2.2.7 (#426)
* Update dependency dompurify to v2.2.8 (#496)
* Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.5.0 (#384)
* Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.6.0 (#411)
* Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.7.0 (#422)
* Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.8.0 (#438)
* Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.9.0 (#469)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.18.0 (#376)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.19.0 (#398)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.20.0 (#409)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.21.0 (#418)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.22.0 (#427)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.23.0 (#443)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.24.0 (#464)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.25.0 (#490)
* Update dependency eslint to v7.26.0 (#504)
* Update dependency faker to v5.2.0 (#389)
* Update dependency faker to v5.3.1 (#400)
* Update dependency faker to v5.4.0 (#408)
* Update dependency faker to v5.5.0 (#442)
* Update dependency faker to v5.5.1 (#444)
* Update dependency faker to v5.5.2 (#450)
* Update dependency faker to v5.5.3 (#462)
* Update dependency highlight.js to v10.6.0 (#407)
* Update dependency highlight.js to v10.7.1 (#436)
* Update dependency highlight.js to v10.7.2 (#451)
* Update dependency lodash to v4.17.21 (#413)
* Update dependency marked to v1.2.8 (#391)
* Update dependency marked to v1.2.9 (#401)
* Update dependency marked to v2.0.1 (#417)
* Update dependency marked to v2.0.2 (#465)
* Update dependency marked to v2.0.3 (#468)
* Update dependency marked to v2 (#405)
* Update dependency sass-loader to v10.1.1 (#372)
* Update dependency sass-loader to v10.2.0 (#506)
* Update dependency sass to v1.32.13 (#509)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.3.0 (#404)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.3.1 (#424)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.3.2 (#425)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.3.3 (#439)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.3.4 (#441)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1 (#393)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.4.0 (#454)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.4.1 (#460)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.5.0 (#471)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.5.1 (#495)
* Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.5.2 (#497)
* Update dependency vue-drag-resize to v1.5.1 (#457)
* Update dependency vue-drag-resize to v1.5.2 (#501)
* Update dependency vue-drag-resize to v1.5.4 (#502)
* Update dependency vue-easymde to v1.4.0 (#449)
* Update dependency vue-router to v3.5.0 (#388)
* Update dependency wait-on to v5.3.0 (#434)
* Update Font Awesome (#374)
* Update Font Awesome (#432)
* Update vue monorepo (#390)
* Update vue monorepo to v4.5.11 (#385)
* Update vue monorepo to v4.5.12 (#433)
* Update vue monorepo to v4.5.13 (#503)
## [0.16.0 - 2021-01-10]
### Added


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This is the web frontend for Vikunja, written in Vue.js.