1159 Commits (main)

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renovate 9abe2a4de2 Update dependency eslint to v7.29.0 (#555) 10 hours ago
renovate fe5ecb4865 Update dependency bulma to v0.9.3 (#554) 10 hours ago
renovate 08708927e6 Update dependency marked to v2.1.1 (#553) 3 days ago
renovate e9fdf15f23 Update dependency marked to v2.1.0 (#552) 3 days ago
renovate 3a77326318 Update dependency sass to v1.35.1 (#551) 3 days ago
renovate 70dd4f8512 Update dependency sass to v1.35.0 (#550) 4 days ago
renovate f55d1151f4 Update Node.js (#549) 4 days ago
renovate 37dae144cf Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.11.1 (#548) 6 days ago
renovate 264393203f Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.11.0 (#547) 1 week ago
renovate 1c01cb3e47 Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.7.0 (#543) 2 weeks ago
renovate 7dda54d675 Update dependency cypress to v7.5.0 (#541) 2 weeks ago
renovate 5da6a6bb39 Update vue monorepo to v2.6.14 (#540) 2 weeks ago
renovate 34ded051d1 Update dependency eslint to v7.28.0 (#539) 2 weeks ago
renovate 65be56eb39 Update dependency highlight.js to v11.0.1 (#538) 2 weeks ago
kolaente 3dbd36eef7
Move creation of new items to the bottom of the multiselect list 2 weeks ago
kolaente a9d3446ce3
Preload labels and use locally stored in vuex 2 weeks ago
kolaente e37145cd43
Add setting for the first day of the week 2 weeks ago
kolaente 641ccd1026
Fix resetting date filters from upcoming after viewing a task detail page (popup) 2 weeks ago
kolaente 0cd9d43a7c
Fix showing edit buttons when the user does not have the rights to use them 2 weeks ago
kolaente c92062b6a5
Fix list archived notification mobile layout 2 weeks ago
kolaente 4a3b4982ab
Fix saving showing archived setting 2 weeks ago
kolaente 0f42ed3cf7
Add filters for quick action bar 2 weeks ago
renovate 7802cf619f Update dependency sass to v1.34.1 (#534) 2 weeks ago
renovate 2a8ecb8a8c Update dependency jest to v27.0.4 (#535) 2 weeks ago
renovate ab02c2d896 Update dependency marked to v2.0.7 (#532) 2 weeks ago
renovate 324d387d0a Update dependency dompurify to v2.2.9 (#529) 2 weeks ago
kolaente 570cfc8610
Configure tests retries 2 weeks ago
renovate af9fd856eb Update vue monorepo to v2.6.13 (#530) 2 weeks ago
kolaente 80471f95e2
Improve tests 3 weeks ago
kolaente 9c2d076f58
Make tests less flaky 3 weeks ago
kolaente 1969bd8190
Add quick action bar shortcut to shortcut overview 3 weeks ago
kolaente 7690cada78
Fix menu styles 3 weeks ago
konrad b85beb06eb Quick Actions & global search (#528) 3 weeks ago
renovate dff84209f0 Update dependency highlight.js to v11 (#527) 3 weeks ago
renovate 30e53d7aa2 Update dependency jest to v27.0.3 (#526) 3 weeks ago
renovate 3834f961de Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.10.0 (#525) 3 weeks ago
renovate 6e3ac2a7c0 Update dependency date-fns to v2.22.1 (#524) 3 weeks ago
renovate 9e75d2b461 Update dependency date-fns to v2.22.0 (#523) 3 weeks ago
renovate a4ec322ce2 Update dependency marked to v2.0.6 (#522) 3 weeks ago
konrad 8c3dd387a3 Add more global state tests (#521) 3 weeks ago
kolaente 1fa42f047c
Fix usage of / in sass 3 weeks ago
kolaente 9c799ab161
Fix removing a namespace from state after it was deleted 3 weeks ago
kolaente 188134ae2e
Fix users not removed from the list in settings when unshared 3 weeks ago
kolaente 9d818921a7
Fix not updating list name in store when changing it 3 weeks ago
renovate 912cb66970 Update dependency jest to v27 (#519) 4 weeks ago
renovate 2b7b8d695f Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v1.6.0 (#516) 4 weeks ago
renovate 62004556ad Update dependency cypress to v7.4.0 (#517) 4 weeks ago
renovate e3ede85b79 Update dependency marked to v2.0.5 (#513) 4 weeks ago
renovate 7d6361713f Update dependency eslint to v7.27.0 (#514) 4 weeks ago
renovate 2fc23b081f Update dependency sass to v1.34.0 (#515) 4 weeks ago