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kolaente befa6f27bb feat: rename list to project everywhere
fix: project table view

fix: e2e tests

fix: typo in readme

fix: list view route

fix: don't wait until background is loaded for list to show

fix: rename component imports

fix: lint

fix: parse task text

fix: use list card grid

fix: use correct class names

fix: i18n keys

fix: load project

fix: task overview

fix: list view spacing

fix: find project

fix: setLoading when updating a project

fix: loading saved filter

fix: project store loading

fix: color picker import

fix: cypress tests

feat: migrate old list settings

chore: add const for project settings

fix: wrong projecten rename from lists

chore: rename unused variable

fix: editor list

fix: shortcut list class name

fix: pagination list class name

fix: notifications list class name

fix: list view variable name

chore: clarify comment

fix: i18n keys

fix: router imports

fix: comment

chore: remove debugging leftover

fix: remove duplicate variables

fix: change comment

fix: list view variable name

fix: list view css class name

fix: list item property name

fix: name update tasks function correctly

fix: update comment

fix: project create route

fix: list view class names

fix: list view component name

fix: result list class name

fix: animation class list name

fix: change debug log

fix: revert a few navigation changes

fix: use @ for imports of all views

fix: rename link share list class

fix: remove unused css class

fix: dynamically import project components again
2023-03-14 14:04:23 +00:00
konrad 9b0c842ae1 Move everything to models and services (#17)
the build was successful Details
2019-03-02 10:25:10 +00:00