• Pre-Release v0.15.0 6b8e49780d

    0.15.0 - 2020-10-19

    konrad 1 month ago | 70 commits to master since this release

    First release since quite some time!


    • Add app shortcuts when using vikunja as pwa
    • Add build hash as meta tag to index.html to ensure always loading the new index file
    • Add checkbox to show only tasks which have a due date
    • Add creating labels when creating a task (#192)
    • Add debug logs for loading list + kanban buckets
    • Add deferring task's due dates directly from the overview (#199)
    • Add easymde & markdown preview for editing descriptions and comments (#183)
    • Add github sponsor link
    • Add limits for kanban boards (#234)
    • Add loading spinner when duplicating a list
    • Add more debugging when loading lists or buckets
    • Add more prefetching of components
    • Add notice to a list if it has no tasks
    • Add options to show tasks in range on the overview pages
    • Add Page Titles Everywhere (#177)
    • Allow setting api url from the login screen (#264)
    • Favorite lists (#237)
    • Favorite tasks (#236)
    • Keyboard Shortcuts (#193)
    • Saved filters (#239)
    • Show caldav url in settings if it's enabled server side
    • Show legal links from api if configured


    • Fix archived lists still showing up in the side menu
    • Fix Assignees being deleted when adding a due date (#254)
    • Fix bottom padding on kanban
    • Fix bottom white margin
    • Fix checking for existing migration from other services
    • Fix comparing the currently loaded list with the current list to make sure to only load the list if needed
    • Fix create new bucket button having no margin to the right
    • Fix due date changes not saved on mobile
    • Fix editor spacing
    • Fix long text overflowing in task comments
    • Fix pagination button hover color
    • Fix pwa icon for iOS
    • Fix related tasks list spacing
    • Fix sort order when marking a task as done from the overview
    • Fix task in list style for tasks with assignees
    • Fix task layout in kanban
    • Fix task list if it has tasks with a long unbreakable title
    • Fix task title input taking up almost no space if empty
    • Fix update available breaking the navbar position
    • Make sure to always load the home route when starting the app
    • Make sure to make the list id from the route an int to not fail the comparison
    • More avatar providers (#200)
    • Only show the list at the end of the task if it was not specially required to show the list
    • Only trigger desktop rebuilds on pushes to master
    • Pin dependencies (#184)
    • Pin dependency vue-advanced-cropper to 0.16.10 (#201)
    • Pin dependency vue-shortkey to 3.1.7 (#194)
    • Pin telegram notify in drone
    • Prevent loading the list + kanban board again when closing the task popup
    • Prevent rendering html in tooltips
    • Release preparations
    • Remove html from tooltip
    • Replace renovate tokens with env


    • Always focus inputs on kanban when adding a new task or bucket
    • Automatically scroll to the bottom of a bucket after adding a new task to it
    • Bump http-proxy from 1.18.0 to 1.18.1
    • Cleanup code & make sure it has a common code style
    • Disabele spellcheck on bucket titles
    • Don't cache everything in the service worker, only explicitly assets
    • Don't create a label through quick add if the title is empty
    • Don't show a confusing message if no options are available
    • Hide the user menu if clicked outside of it
    • Hide UI elements if the user does not have the right to use them (#211)
    • Include fonts css in the main css bundle
    • Make task list, teams and settings pages max width of $desktop and centered
    • Make the task view full width for shares if the list has a background
    • Mark tasks as done from the kanban board with ctrl+click
    • Open unsplash author links in a new window
    • Put the editor container higher up for task description
    • Redirect to current list view on click on list in menu again
    • Switch release bucket to scaleway s3
    • Trigger a rebuild of the desktop app on builds to master for the frontend
    • Trigger @change when pasting content into editor
    • Update dependency axios to v0.20.0 (#216)
    • Update dependency bulma to v0.9.1 (#252)
    • Update dependency date-fns to v2.15.0 (#190)
    • Update dependency date-fns to v2.16.0 (#220)
    • Update dependency date-fns to v2.16.1 (#223)
    • Update dependency dompurify to v2.0.14 (#221)
    • Update dependency dompurify to v2.0.15 (#229)
    • Update dependency dompurify to v2.0.17 (#241)
    • Update dependency dompurify to v2.1.0 (#245)
    • Update dependency dompurify to v2.1.1 (#248)
    • Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.0.1 (#257)
    • Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7.1.0 (#271)
    • Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7 (#255)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.10.0 (#250)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.11.0 (#263)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.4.0 (#175)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.5.0 (#191)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.6.0 (#198)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.7.0 (#213)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.8.0 (#225)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.8.1 (#228)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.9.0 (#242)
    • Update dependency @fortawesome/vue-fontawesome to v2 (#226)
    • Update dependency http-proxy from 1.18.0 to 1.18.1
    • Update dependency lodash to v4.17.16 (#178)
    • Update dependency lodash to v4.17.17 (#179)
    • Update dependency lodash to v4.17.18 (#180)
    • Update dependency lodash to v4.17.19 (#181)
    • Update dependency lodash to v4.17.20 (#212)
    • Update dependency marked to v1.1.1 (#185)
    • Update dependency marked to v1.2.0 (#251)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v10.0.1 (#219)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v10.0.2 (#230)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v10.0.3 (#262)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v10 (#217)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v9.0.1 (#174)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v9.0.2 (#176)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v9.0.3 (#203)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v9 (#173)
    • Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v0.17.0 (#231)
    • Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v0.17.1 (#232)
    • Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v0.17.2 (#238)
    • Update dependency vue-advanced-cropper to v0.17.3 (#243)
    • Update dependency vue-drag-resize to v1.4.1 (#182)
    • Update dependency vue-drag-resize to v1.4.2 (#197)
    • Update dependency vue-easymde to v1.2.2 (#187)
    • Update dependency vue-easymde to v1.3.0 (#256)
    • Update dependency vue-flatpickr-component to v8.1.6 (#222)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.4.0 (#202)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.4.1 (#204)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.4.2 (#205)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.4.3 (#210)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.4.4 (#247)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.4.5 (#249)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.4.6 (#260)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.4.7 (#269)
    • Update Font Awesome (#188)
    • Update Font Awesome (#253)
    • Update Font Awesome (#258)
    • Update renovate token
    • Update vue monorepo to v2.6.12 (#215)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.5.2 (#208)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.5.3 (#209)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.5.4 (#214)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.5.6 (#244)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.5.7 (#259)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.5.8 (#272)
    • Use team update route to update a team member's admin status
  • Pre-Release v0.14.1 39a2774d57

    [0.14.1] - 2020-08-06

    konrad 3 months ago | 214 commits to master since this release

    This is a quick security fix to prevent html from being rendered in tooltips - these can lead to xss attacks.

  • Pre-Release v0.14.0 cfe77268e1

    [0.14.0] - 2020-07-01

    konrad 5 months ago | 217 commits to master since this release

    Another huge release!

    This release features quite a lot of feature improvements and bugfixes. It follows version 0.14.0 from the api - these release notes only contain frontend-related changes.


    • Set a list background from unsplash or upload a custom one
    • Migrate tasks from todoist
    • Task filters
    • Namespaces & Lists Page - quickly get an overview about all your lists and namespaces


    • Add border to colorpicker (fixes #146)
    • Add changing list identifier
    • Add changing the uid and gid in docker through env variables
    • Add color picker to change task color to task detail view
    • Add docker build pipelines for arm and amd64 (#164)
    • Add docker multiarch manifest build step
    • Add list duplicate (#172)
    • Add mention of unsplash in the background settings
    • Add option to hide the menu on desktop
    • Add option to remove color from label, task, namespace or list (#157)
    • Add repeating tasks from current date setting
    • Add suffix for auto built docker images per arch
    • Add todoist migrator to the frontend
    • Add yarn timeout to build
    • Custom backgrounds for lists (#144)
    • Enable resetting search input
    • List Background upload (#151)
    • Namespaces & Lists Page (#160)
    • Task Filters (#149)


    • Always break kanban card titles
    • Check if we have a service worker available before trying to communicate with it
    • Don't disable the task add button if input is empty
    • Don't try to fetch the initial unsplash results when unsplash backgrounds are disabled
    • Don't try to make a request to get the totp status if its disabled
    • Ensure consistent naming of title fields (#134)
    • Fix changing task dates
    • Fix Datetime Handling (#168)
    • Fix docker arm build plugin
    • Fix docker arm build tag
    • Fix edit task repeat after being undefined (again)
    • Fix error messages when trying to update tasks in kanban if kanban hasn't been opened yet
    • Fix error when adding a background to a list which did not have one before
    • Fix gantt chart not updating when navigating between lists
    • Fix getting migration status
    • Fix hamburger icon on mobile padding
    • Fix kanban board height
    • Fix kanban tasks with backgrounds
    • Fix list title on mobile
    • Fix login form on mobile
    • Fix notifications not using task title
    • Fix not sending the user to the view they came from when viewing task details
    • Fix not showing changes in kanban when switching between views
    • Fix redirect when not logged in
    • Fix register
    • Fix related tasks overflowing if a related task has a long name
    • Fix related tasks search
    • Fix repeat after value being undefined error in task edit panel
    • Fix saving list view if not present in browser
    • Fix search on mobile
    • Fix task title not editable in edit task pane
    • Fix trying to load kanban buckets if the kanban board is not in focus
    • Fix typo when no upcoming tasks are available
    • Fix user dropdown on mobile
    • Only load tasks when the user is authenticated
    • Remember list view when navigating between lists
    • Remove old tasks when loading list view


    • Change logo primary color
    • Color the whole card on kanban if the task has a color
    • Don't show a success message if it is obvious the action has been successful
    • Don't show the task id in list view
    • Hide hints on start page if a user has tasks (#159)
    • Hide totp settings if it is disabled server side
    • Increase network timeout when building docker image
    • Make sure the version includes the tag when building docker images
    • #PrideMonth
    • Only renew user token on tab focus events
    • Redirect the user to login page if the token expired when the tab gets focus again
    • Remove title length restrictions
    • Rename routes to follow the same pattern
    • Restructure components
    • Save list view per list and not globally
    • Show list background when viewing a link share
    • Show namespace name in list search field
    • Show task index instead of id on kanban
    • Simplify pipeline
    • Update dependency bulma to v0.9.0 (#150)
    • Update dependency date-fns to v2.14.0 (#136)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.1.0 (#139)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.2.0 (#148)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.3.0 (#162)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7.3.1 (#166)
    • Update dependency @fortawesome/vue-fontawesome to v0.1.10 (#158)
    • Update dependency vue-easymde to v1.2.1 (#145)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.2.0 (#137)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.3.1 (#141)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.3.2 (#142)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.3.4 (#156)
    • Update dependency vuex to v3.5.0 (#170)
    • Update dependency vuex to v3.5.1 (#171)
    • Update Font Awesome (#161)
    • Update vue monorepo (#153)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.4.1 (#140)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.4.4 (#154)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.4.5 (#165)
    • Update vue monorepo to v4.4.6 (#167)
    • Use the right Id when loading unsplash thumbnails
  • Pre-Release v0.13 f63576960d

    [0.13] - 2020-05-12

    konrad 6 months ago | 316 commits to master since this release

    Big release!

    This Releases highlights are Kanban Boards (yes!), 2fa for user authentication, configurable api urls and a looot of bug fixes and improvements.


    • Add docker run script to change api url on startup
    • Add github token for renovate (#89)
    • Add input length validation for team names
    • Add list title in overview page
    • Add logging frontend version to console on startup
    • Add moving tasks between lists
    • Add scrolling for task table view
    • Add telegram release notificiation (#98)
    • Add user settings (#108)
    • Better responsive layout for unauthenticated pages
    • Change default api url to 3456 (Vikunja default)
    • Configure Renovate (#80)
    • Docker multistage build (#113)
    • Don't open task detail in popup for list and table view
    • Don't show the llama background when on mobile
    • Highlight the current list when something list related is called
    • Kanban (#118)
    • Make api url configurable in index.html
    • Make "Move task to different list" wording shorter
    • Make sure the api url does not have a / at the end
    • Show parent list and namespace for tasks in detail views
    • Show the list of a related task if it belongs to a different list
    • TOTP (#109)
    • Open popup detail view when opening from task overview
    • Vuex (#126)


    • Fetch tags when building in ci to display proper versions
    • Fix attachment icon
    • Fix avatar url
    • Fix bucket spacing on kanban board
    • Fix changing api url when releasing
    • Fix closing of notifications by clicking on it not working
    • Fix creating a new task on a list when in list view
    • Fix date table cell getting wrong data
    • Fix %done in table view
    • Fix drone config
    • Fix id params not being named correctly
    • Fix listId not changing when switching between lists
    • Fix listId not defined in list view switcher
    • Fix loading state for kanban board
    • Fix maintaining the current page for the list view when navigating back from another page
    • Fix navigating back to list view after deleting a task
    • Fix not all labels being shown
    • Fix not redirecting to login page after logging out
    • Fix not re-loading tasks when switching between overviews
    • Fix opening link share list view
    • Fix pagination for tasks
    • Fix parsing nested array with non-objects when updating
    • Fix parsing nested models
    • Fix redirecting for unauthenticated pages to login
    • Fix redirecting to list view from task detail
    • Fix related tasks input size
    • Fix related tasks list being too large
    • Fix setting api url when building docker image
    • Fix sharing rights not displayed correctly
    • Fix task modal with when attachments are present
    • Fix task relation kind dropdown
    • Fix task sort parameters
    • Fix task title overflowing in detail view
    • Fix team managment (#121)
    • Fix trying to load the current tasks even when not logged in (Fixes #133)
    • Fix undefined getter for related tasks
    • Fix uploading attachments
    • Fix user search bar not hiding in edit team view
    • Fix using filters for overview views
    • Fix version console log when compiling for Docker
    • Let labels take all available space on tasks


    • Less explicit matching of api routes for service worker
    • Make all api fields snake_case (#105)
    • Make the task font size smaller for task cards
    • Move conversion of snake_case to camelCase to model to make recursive models still work
    • Only set fullpage state to false if the page is actually fullpage
    • Only show undone tasks on task overview page
    • Pin dependencies (#106)
    • Pin dependencies (#81)
    • Pin dependency vue-smooth-dnd to 0.8.1 (#120)
    • Pin dependency vuex to 3.3.0 (#128)
    • Pluralize related task kinds if there is more than one
    • Remove debug log
    • Remove debug logging
    • Remove dependency in docker build step when releasing
    • Remove dependency in docker build step when releasing latest
    • Remove llama-upside-down.svg
    • Remove task in kanban state when removing in task detail view
    • Switch docker image to node for building
    • Update dependency axios to v0.19.2 (#83)
    • Update dependency babel-eslint to v10.1.0 (#84)
    • Update dependency bulma to v0.8.1 (#85)
    • Update dependency bulma to v0.8.2 (#104)
    • Update dependency copy-to-clipboard to v3.3.1 (#100)
    • Update dependency core-js to v3.6.4 (#101)
    • Update dependency core-js to v3.6.5 (#102)
    • Update dependency date-fns to v2.11.1 (#88)
    • Update dependency date-fns to v2.12.0 (#103)
    • Update dependency date-fns to v2.13.0 (#127)
    • Update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v6.2.2 (#91)
    • Update dependency eslint to v6.8.0 (#90)
    • Update dependency eslint to v7 (#129)
    • Update dependency node-sass to v4.13.1 (#92)
    • Update dependency node-sass to v4.14.0 (#119)
    • Update dependency node-sass to v4.14.1 (#125)
    • Update dependency register-service-worker to v1.7.1 (#93)
    • Update dependency sass-loader to v8.0.2 (#94)
    • Update dependency v-tooltip to v2.0.3 (#95)
    • Update dependency vue-easymde to v1.2.0 (#116)
    • Update dependency vue-router to v3.1.6 (#96)
    • Update dependency vuex to v3.4.0 (#132)
    • Update Font Awesome (#82)
    • Update Node.js to v13.14.0 (#123)
    • Update tasks in kanban board after editing them in task detail view (#130)
    • Update vue-cli monorepo to v4.3.0 (#97)
    • Update vue-cli monorepo to v4.3.1 (#99)
    • Upgrade vue-cli
  • Pre-Release v0.12 ede990ed85

    [0.12] - 2020-04-04

    konrad 8 months ago | 430 commits to master since this release

    This release feature a table view for tasks and a lot of fixes and small improvments.

    Starting with this release, all downloads are available at


    • Table View for tasks (#76)
    • 404 page
    • Add creating new related tasks
    • Add getting the user avatar from the api (#68)
    • Add support for archiving lists and namespaces (#73)
    • Add task search term to query param to enable navigation
    • Add undo button to notification when marking a task as done
    • Add user to attachments list
    • Colors for lists and namespaces (#74)
    • Enable marking tasks as done from the task overview
    • Ensure labels of a task get updated when updating them
    • Input length validation for new tasks, lists and namespaces (#70)
    • Pre/Suffix formatted dates with relative pronouns like "in [one day]" or "[two days] ago"


    • Fix avatar sizes
    • Fix changing task dates (due/start/end/reminders)
    • Fix comments not being loaded again when switching between tasks
    • Fix error notification still being shown on password reset pages despite no error
    • Fix gantt chart (#79)
    • Fix icon overflowing in navigation
    • Fix namespace model name showing wrong placeholder until the namespace was loaded
    • Fix new related task not being visible in the search field
    • Fix not highlighting the current list in menu when paginating
    • Fix updating a task with repeat after interval from list view (Fixes #75)
    • Use deep imports for importing lodash to make tree shaking easier
    • Revert "Use deep imports for importing lodash to make tree shaking easier"
    • Work around browsers preventing Vue bindings from working with autofill (Fixes #78)


    • Schedule token renew every minute
    • Swap moment.js with date-fns
    • Change release bucket
  • Pre-Release v0.11 057f3c8337

    Version 0.11

    konrad 9 months ago | 461 commits to master since this release

    Highlights in this release include Wunderlist migration, task comments, pagination, task search and mobile reminders for tasks (needs chrome 80+)

    This release version provides compatibility with the api release, therefore we skipped version 0.10.


    • Add a button to the task detail page to mark a task as done
    • Add a link to (#56)
    • Add automatic user token renew (#43)
    • Add auto save for task edit sidebar
    • Add moment.js for date related things (#50)
    • Add removing of tasks (#48)
    • Add saving task title with ctrl+enter
    • Add saving the description with ctrl+enter
    • Add slight background change when hovering over a task in the list
    • Add Wunderlist migration (#46)
    • Task Comments (#66)
    • Task Pagination (#38)
    • Task Search (#52)
    • Task sorting (#39)
    • Notifications for task reminders (#57)
    • PWA update available notification (#42)
    • Set the end date to the same as the due date if a start date was set but no end date
    • Show parent tasks in task overview list (#41)


    • Fix textarea in task detail view not having a background when focused (#937 in Vikunja)
    • Fix "Add a reminder" being shown
    • Fix adding a task to an empty list
    • Fix a typo (#64)
    • Fix changelog version
    • Fix changing the right of a list shared with a user
    • Fix date handling on task detail page
    • Fix drone testing pipeline triggering only when pushing to master and not on prs
    • Fix email field type (#58)
    • Fix error container at registration page always being displayed
    • Fix gravatar url
    • Fix height of task add button
    • Fix initial dates on task edit sidebar
    • Fix label input field breaking in a new line on task detail page
    • Fix loading tasks for the first page after navigating to a new list
    • Fix not using router links for previous and back buttons
    • Fix priority label styling
    • Fix reminders not being shown on task detail view on mobile
    • Fix task text breaking on list home on mobile
    • Fix task title on mobile (#54)
    • Fix update notification layout on mobile (#44)
    • Fix using the error data prop in components (#53)
    • Don't schedule a reminder if the reminder date is in the past
    • Don't try to cancel notifications if the browser does not support it
    • Only focus inputs if the viewport is large enough (#55)
    • Set user menu inactive when logging out
    • Show if a related task is done (#49)


    • Always schedule notification
    • Hide the llama from the top on the task detail page
    • Improve link share layout
    • Load Fonts directly
    • Make sure to use date objects everywhere where dealing with dates
    • Migration Improvements (#47)
    • Move "Next Week" section in menu below "Next Month"
    • Move the Vikunja logo to the hamburger menu on mobile
    • Preload fonts css
    • Rearrange button order on task detail view
    • Reorganize Styles (#45)
    • Show motd everywhere
    • Sort tasks on start page by due date desc and id desc
    • Update dependencies (#40)
    • Use message mixin for handling success and error messages (#51)
    • Use the same method everywhere to calculate the avatar url
    • Better default profile image
    • Better wording for shared settings
    • Bump npm to 6.13
    • Put the add reminders button on the task detail page higher up
    • Directly link to the task for tasks on the start page
    • Disable production source maps
  • Pre-Release v0.9 c5691ec293

    Version 0.9

    konrad 1 year ago | 529 commits to master since this release

    This release has mostly improvements, most bigger changes were made on the api.


    • Add minimal PWA (#34)
    • Task Detail View (#37)
    • Added link sharing (#30)
    • Added caching to the docker image
    • Added changing %Done on a task
    • Added global api config (#31)
    • Added handling if the user is offline (#35)
    • Added labels for login and register inputs
    • Added meta description tag
    • Added support for HTTP/2 to the docker image
    • Added the function to collapse all lists in a namespace in the sidebar menu


    • Correctly preload fonts
    • Different edit icon
    • Improved font handling
    • Load the offline image quietly in the background
    • Moved non-theme stuff in general.scss
    • Removed rancher configuration
    • Removed unused preload fonts tags
    • Replace all spaces with tabs
    • Show avatars of assigned users
    • Sort tasks by done/undone first and then newest
    • Update vue/cli-service
    • Updated axios
    • Updated dependencies
    • Updated packages
    • Updated packages to their latest versiosn
    • Use the new listuser endpoint to search for users


    • Fix edit label pane not closing when clicking on it
    • Fixed gzip compression in docker
    • Fixed label edit still opening when deleting a label
    • Fixed menu not being visible on mobile
    • Fixed namespace loading (#32)
    • Fixed new task field not being reset after adding a new task
    • Fixed redirect to login page (#33)
    • Fixed scroll behaviour
    • Fixed shared lists overflowing
    • Fixed sharing with a user not working
    • Fixed task update not working
    • Fixed task update not working (again)
    • Fixed team creating not working
    • Handle task relations the right way (#36)


    • Moved markdown-based todo list to Vikunja [skip ci]
    • Use yarn image instead of installing it every time
  • Pre-Release v0.7 82eb631122

    Version 0.7

    konrad 1 year ago | 579 commits to master since this release

    Smaller release, most changes on the api side.


    • Fixed getting tasks (#27)

    New features

    • Design overhaul (#28)
    • Gantt charts (#29)
    • Pretty Scrollbars
    • Task colors
  • Pre-Release v0.6 fee5acda01

    Version 0.6

    konrad 1 year ago | 593 commits to master since this release

    This one is a rather small release, with most changes were made under the hood.

    New Features

    • Labels (#25)
    • Task priorites (#19)
    • Task assingees (#21)


    • All requests are now using models and services, improving the development experience
    • Team managing (#18)

    Download ready-to-deploy JS here.

  • Pre-Release v0.5 5e79502b81

    Version 0.5

    konrad 1 year ago | 605 commits to master since this release

    This release aims to be up to date with version 0.5 of the api, which is why it skipped some versions.

    New features

    • User email verification when registering
    • password reset
    • Task overview
    • Multiple reminders
    • Repeating tasks
    • Subtasks
    • Task duration
    • All new design
    • Week and month view for tasks

    Smaller improvements

    • Go to overview when clicking on the logo
    • CSS improvements
    • Don't show options to edit pseudonamespace
    • Delay loading animation to not show it when the request finishes in < 100ms
    • Use email instead of username when resetting a password


    • Fixed trying to verify an email when there was none
    • Fixed loading tasks when the user was not authenticated

    Download ready-to-deploy JS here.

  • 2 years ago