Generated go sdk for the vikunja api
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Name Type Description Notes
Assignees **[]ModelsUser** An array of users who are assigned to this task [optional] [default to null]
Attachments **[]ModelsTaskAttachment** All attachments this task has [optional] [default to null]
Created int32 A unix timestamp when this task was created. You cannot change this value. [optional] [default to null]
CreatedBy *ModelsUser The user who initially created the task. [optional] [default to null]
Description string The task description. [optional] [default to null]
Done bool Whether a task is done or not. [optional] [default to null]
DoneAt int32 The unix timestamp when a task was marked as done. [optional] [default to null]
DueDate int32 A unix timestamp when the task is due. [optional] [default to null]
EndDate int32 When this task ends. [optional] [default to null]
HexColor string The task color in hex [optional] [default to null]
Id int32 The unique, numeric id of this task. [optional] [default to null]
Labels **[]ModelsLabel** An array of labels which are associated with this task. [optional] [default to null]
ListID int32 The list this task belongs to. [optional] [default to null]
PercentDone float32 Determines how far a task is left from being done [optional] [default to null]
Priority int32 The task priority. Can be anything you want, it is possible to sort by this later. [optional] [default to null]
RelatedTasks *ModelsRelatedTaskMap All related tasks, grouped by their relation kind [optional] [default to null]
ReminderDates []int32 An array of unix timestamps when the user wants to be reminded of the task. [optional] [default to null]
RepeatAfter int32 An amount in seconds this task repeats itself. If this is set, when marking the task as done, it will mark itself as "undone" and then increase all remindes and the due date by its amount. [optional] [default to null]
StartDate int32 When this task starts. [optional] [default to null]
TaskIds []int32 A list of task ids to update [optional] [default to null]
Text string The task text. This is what you'll see in the list. [optional] [default to null]
Updated int32 A unix timestamp when this task was last updated. You cannot change this value. [optional] [default to null]

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