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kolaente 26386be9a9
Add auth param to all methods 5 months ago
kolaente 588abb7370
Close all sessions in a defer 6 months ago
kolaente a897a6def6
Close all sessions after using them 6 months ago
kolaente 6fa2fb5872
Add db sessions to all crud methods 6 months ago
kolaente 505d0e77fa
Remove unused rights method 6 months ago
kolaente 8767618f18
Only set the max right header if the user has any right at all 10 months ago
kolaente 7e12686f28
Add rights parameter to let canRead methods return the max right 10 months ago
kolaente a5f3d450d3
Add go 1.14 declaration to go.mod 1 year ago
kolaente c906493694
Add more logging 1 year ago
kolaente 9947104b77
Add error logging for invalid model errors 1 year ago
kolaente f337750c35
Added rounding of pages 2 years ago
kolaente 502bbbbd9d
Fixed a bug when no per page number was supplied 2 years ago
kolaente bce8b50520
Clarified var name 2 years ago
kolaente 3ee093147b
Added calculation of the total number of pages to the web handler 2 years ago
kolaente 8edfc5d33c
Added method to set the max number of items per page 2 years ago
kolaente 23a3d14517
Changed page int64 to int since its all limit can handle 2 years ago
kolaente f7834b02a1
Fixed lint 2 years ago
kolaente f79e8c8720
Updated docs to reflect readme changes 2 years ago
kolaente 75c50a705f
Changed ReadAll method to enable proper pagination 2 years ago
kolaente b457b5a1a3
Added method to the auth interface to get the ID 2 years ago
kolaente b5c16e24b0
Swapped the custom param binder with the merged one from echo 2 years ago
kolaente cda84c1ddb
Updated echo to the latest version 2 years ago
konrad 97c2f66ff3
Fixed link to error handling 2 years ago
konrad 05d147aab0
Updated echo dependency 2 years ago
konrad edb39812af
Updated echo to v4 2 years ago
kolaente 7dc1f4191c
Fixed rights check 2 years ago
konrad 62b466dd13
Refactored CanRead to check the right before reading it 2 years ago
konrad 0933ac0823
Refactored Rights interface to return errors 2 years ago
konrad 49b95473bb
Updated Readme 2 years ago
konrad 7a7813274c
Updated Readme 2 years ago
konrad 66d64e9e45
Updated Readme 2 years ago
konrad 7bd881d989
Removed unused code 2 years ago
konrad fcc8b45b7e
Init config 2 years ago
konrad 1ddbccd6c8
Removed unused function 2 years ago
konrad e1854c265e
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 2 years ago
konrad fcaf01fb20
Refactored config 2 years ago
kolaente 4e6771ac6c
updated todo 2 years ago
kolaente f5633d9a74
Improved docs 2 years ago
kolaente c30ef60733
removed unused import 2 years ago
kolaente 83337a24ac
Fixed logging the current user if forbidden 2 years ago
kolaente b4a943dba1
Added helper function to get logger 2 years ago
konrad 1c90eb2253
Added todos 2 years ago
konrad b061c20192
Added license badge 3 years ago
konrad 50ffad2e46
Added explanation about the binder 3 years ago
konrad ec954ac350
Added license 3 years ago
konrad df05938d24
Added go report card 3 years ago
konrad 0b84be3eb5
improved docs 3 years ago
konrad 2ac2530c38
improved docs 3 years ago
konrad cce5ff4ff7
Added docs 3 years ago
konrad d23d2a4c1e
added go mod file 3 years ago