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Vikunja is currently Beta, if you find any bugs or other issues, please [report them](
Please also check out [the docs]( for information about how to install Vikunja on your own server.
You can download Vikunja in various forms:
## Backend (API-Server)
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We provide the latest build as beta version via TestFlight for iOS users.
To install the version please follow this link: [](
New versions are published by the CI automatically.
New versions will be published by the CI automatically.
You can also [get the source code]( and build it yourself (for both Android and iOS).
## Desktop apps
Starting with version 0.15.0, Vikunja's frontend is available as a standalone desktop app for linux and windows devices.
This means you can run it on your desktop without the need to install the frontend.
To install it, simply go to [our download server]( choose the latest version (`master` for nightly builds) and the right variant for your platform.