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Dominik Pschenitschni 7be8e892e2
feat: add histoire 2023-01-05 23:12:58 +01:00
Dominik Pschenitschni 4908469d49
feat(cypress): use cy.session
Also align repo closer to `create-vue` template and improve cypress integration
2023-01-03 16:30:46 +01:00
kolaente 12215c043d
feat: add nix flake for dev shell 2022-10-03 16:10:53 +02:00
Dominik Pschenitschni d76b526916
feat: use pnpm 2022-09-21 17:29:36 +02:00
konrad e49fd16a3a feat: add preview deploys with netlify (#972)
Co-authored-by: kolaente <>
Reviewed-on: vikunja/frontend#972
Co-authored-by: konrad <>
Co-committed-by: konrad <>
2021-11-10 21:25:50 +00:00
kolaente 5fa03923e9
Improve chunk size 2021-07-25 16:02:49 +02:00
konrad a08306d612 Add vite (#416)
Co-authored-by: kolaente <>
Reviewed-on: vikunja/frontend#416
Co-authored-by: konrad <>
Co-committed-by: konrad <>
2021-07-25 13:27:15 +00:00
konrad b822b3616b Frontend Testing With Cypress (#313)
Wait until the request is finished

Wait for the newly created task exists in the dom

Wait until the login request is done

Wait until the list request is done

Make sure no user token is in local storage when trying to register

Make sure to always upload test results

Disable capturing videos of test runs in CI

Add uploading test result screenshots from ci

Assert a success notification is shown after creating a new list

Change input element locators

Fix testing for favorite lists

Make sure faked usernames are always random

Make sure the tests work

Make sure to use node 12 everywhere in ci

Add docs

Fix setting api url for running tests

Use a working node version

Ignore cypress screenshots and videos

Set cache folders

Explicitly ignore cypress files when running unit tests

Trigger Drone

Only run unit tests with yarn test:unit

Add serve dist command to serve built static files

Trigger Drone

Fix cypress image

Change cypress image

Unify test & build step back again to prevent double installation of dependencies

Add cache location config

Move test steps to separate pipeline

Run cypress tests in drone

Fix all tests

Make all factory methods static

Use factories everywhere


Add tests for the editor

Add tests for viewing link shares

Fix seed

Add test to make sure settings elements are hidden if the user does not have the right to edit the current list

Co-authored-by: kolaente <>
Reviewed-on: vikunja/frontend#313
Co-Authored-By: konrad <>
Co-Committed-By: konrad <>
2020-12-10 13:52:35 +00:00
konrad 4b96ba4290
updated gitignore 2018-09-08 17:45:26 +02:00
kolaente 0b1f4d3dff
init 2018-08-28 22:50:22 +02:00