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kolaente dc2915875b
Docs: Fix rewrite rules in apache example configs 1 day ago
kolaente 5cfc9bf2f9
Disable the user account after 10 failed password attempts 5 days ago
konrad 1571dfa825 Task mentions (#926) 5 days ago
kolaente 7ee535de47
Docs improvements 3 weeks ago
kolaente 265e778867
Docs: Translation now happening at crowdin 3 weeks ago
kolaente d26f81162f
Add ios to the list of not working caldav clients 3 weeks ago
kolaente 373e3f3d60
Add a note about default password to docs 4 weeks ago
kolaente 7408380560
Add translation docs 1 month ago
kolaente bf68ccbb25
Don't use the mariadb root user in docker-compose examples 1 month ago
kolaente b7ec24ff52
Fix old references to master in docs 3 months ago
kolaente b76ad8efe2
Add more logging and better error messages for openid authentication + clarify docs 3 months ago
kompetenzbolzen 86b7d224ab Expose tls parameter of Go MySQL driver to config file (#855) 3 months ago
kolaente 9dc72c5c98
Use golang's tzdata package to handle time zones 3 months ago
kolaente e4db9dfe6c
Cleanup old docs themes submodule 3 months ago
kolaente 967270b2c1
Fix docs 4 months ago
konrad b3c604fd2f Add link share password authentication (#831) 4 months ago
konrad d1b87d2705 Add a "done" option to kanban buckets (#821) 4 months ago
kolaente 3999580fe6
Add basic auth for metrics endpoint 5 months ago
konrad 2178166ece Add crud endpoints for notifications (#801) 5 months ago
kolaente 9cff4e33ca
Fix docs 6 months ago
konrad e7875ecb3b Subscriptions and notifications for namespaces, tasks and lists (#786) 6 months ago
konrad 015ca310e9 Add notifications package for easy sending of notifications (#779) 6 months ago
konrad 0ab9ce9ec4 Add events (#777) 6 months ago
konrad b2e4fde63a Add email reminders (#743) 8 months ago
konrad b0d4902406 Make sure all int64 db fields are using bigint when actually storing the data (#741) 8 months ago
kolaente 5281ca548b
Fix docs about caldav tasks.org 8 months ago
konrad f5b5204776 Add Microsoft Todo migration (#737) 8 months ago
konrad 9f3d898150 Add trello migration (#734) 8 months ago
konrad 2b5c9ae7a8 Authentication with OpenID Connect providers (#713) 9 months ago
freaktechnik dcefc18b98 Add app support info for DAV (#692) 10 months ago
konrad 618353bf95 Use nfpm to build deb, rpm and apk packages (#689) 10 months ago
konrad 1b21339bf8 Generate config docs from sample config (#684) 10 months ago
konrad d56a611be7 Key-Value Storages (#674) 10 months ago
kolaente bf5d8af3f6
Fix docs index links 10 months ago
konrad 0fb2edf051 Saved filters (#655) 10 months ago
konrad 14d706c91e Kanban bucket limits (#652) 11 months ago
kolaente 05e237560d
Add mage command to create a new migration 11 months ago
kolaente 58dfbe13ed
Add FreeBSD guide to installation docs 11 months ago
kolaente 1a4eef1056
Add toc to docs 11 months ago
kolaente 8da7db3e26
Cleanup references to make 11 months ago
konrad d359130bcf Switch to mage (#651) 11 months ago
kolaente d88551e99d
Add dav proxy directions to example proxy configurations 12 months ago
kolaente 28fd0e91ee
Mention client_max_body_size in nginx proxy settings 12 months ago
konrad 16dbcfda7e Manage users via cli (#632) 12 months ago
konrad dfb7730b63 More avatar providers (#622) 1 year ago
kolaente 41cf73a473
Add option to configure legal urls 1 year ago
kolaente 092aae3260
Add config option to force ssl connections to connect with the mailer 1 year ago
kolaente 3d709e3bb7
Update docs with testmail command + reorder 1 year ago
kolaente 96f366f5e7
Add docs about using vikunja with utf-8 characters 1 year ago
kolaente 9fa7e30a0a
update theme 1 year ago