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# This repository was merged with the api and is now archived
You can find the new (old) code over on [vikunja/vikunja](
# Vikunja desktop
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[![License: GPL v3](](LICENSE)
The Vikunja frontend all repackaged as an electron app to run as a desktop app!
## Dev
As this repo does not contain any code, only a thin wrapper around electron, you will need to do this to get the
actual frontend bundle and build the app:
rm -rf frontend
unzip -d frontend
sed -i 's/\/api\/v1//g' frontend/index.html # Make sure to trigger the "enter the Vikunja url" prompt
## Building for release
1. Run the snippet from above, but with a valid frontend version instead of `master`
2. Change the version in `package.json` (That's the one that will be used by electron-builder`
3. `yarn install`
4. `yarn dist --linux --windows`